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Here I will try to give you a short but sweet guide to night vision CCTV cameras.

This guide comes from us actually catching a burglar in our garden, (one up for the good guys!)

With the Hats and Hoodies doing their nightly rounds, more and more people are installing their own CCTV systems. The best weapon in our arsenal is the night vision camera.

To start with any light at night is better then a night vision cameras LED's to help the picture quality, but most people do not have light outside at night, in this case the more LED's (or bigger in some cases) the better.

LED's give a very dim glow at night, you can see it if you look at it, we had a burglar who never noticed 4 cameras in our garden. While he was creeping around for 20 minute we recorded everything and he was arrested.

Night Vision cameras LED's are like a torch, if you aim it close it will be brighter in the displayed picture, if you aim it far it will be dimmer. A camera that quotes 25m in a listing is normally quoting the maximum LED range, the LED's will be dimmer at this range, so go for a camera that is not at it's limit for your application. ie: if you need 20m buy a camera with a 30m range will give you a better result.

Be aware though, that a camera with a longer quoted range, say of around 50m will normally have a lens that is zoom in to 50m away, this will not suit most buyers who need a wider viewing angel. (there is more about this in my other guide)


I have tried to keep this short. I hope this helps you have a more informed choice when you buy your CCTV camera.

Thanks and good luck!

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