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    My daughter is after the pink ds for christmas. So i decided to have a look on ebay, i only wanted a brand new one. It was alarming how risky it seems to buy one on ebay. There seems to be alot of buisnesses selling with downloaded photo's. However i prefer to see a real photo. (That's just me) Anyway there seemed to be a few listed as new which then said nearly new, which isn't new. Then i noticed there is some people telling fibs on ebay one in particular listed as new and the ds looked new however i noticed the charger lead didn't look at all new. I mean if it's new don't you expect the charger lead to be in little wire holder or at least the charger lead not to be twisted or tacky. This obviously seemed suspicious. There is also a few being sold by new ebayers, don't get me wrong i have no problems with newbie's however you would think they would start with a smaller item. So all i'm sayng is be very careful and double check. Good luck i decided to get mine in argos in the end.

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