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Hi there all you eBayers and you guests too....

The Nintendo Wii, a gimic some said, a waste of money, a 'naff' console with 'rubbish' games....


This console is revolutionary in the world of gaming, with motion sensitive remotes and gameplay that actually does work with you. The entire concept of motion sensor remotes and gameplay seemed to be a gimic and to be honest I personally felt the console and games would only use it a bit, as a USP (unique selling point), however the games incorporate the use of motion into every aspect of the game.

Wii Sports is a set of 5 interactive games that come with the console package and they aren't just free games for free games sake, they are superb fun and allow the entire family to engage in the fun!

Call of Duty 3 has awesome graphics, much better than I expected, and the entire game is reliant on your actions.

Thats just two examples of the quality that the Nintendo Wii offers...the family fun is amazing, within the first 10 mins I had my mum, brother and his girlfriend playing on the console, and understanding what they were doing! lol

Overall the console has aimed itself at the family entertainment segment of the gaming market....and has really hit it on the nose!!

A superb console...superb fun...and well worth the tiny amount of £179 (rrp)

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