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I am writting this because even though i am relatively new to ebay i cannot beleive just how unfair it can my short time i have experienced 2 negative feedbacks and i just want people to know that having negative feedback does not mean that u are an untrustworthy,angry aggresive person.i wud like people to look at the feedback and click on to the person who has left it.look at the bigger picture coz normally there is one.don't think that because someone has 100% feedback,that they aren't capable of all things that are nasty.some people think they can ride off the back of their 100% feedback and everyone will beleive them because of it,and others think that as soon as they see that red sign they have to beware.if someone has 95% feedback read their feedback and the persons that have left this game you have to be judge and jury.some people are "NASTY" and yes "THEY TELL LIES".hopefully people can see through their lies.THE MORAL OF THIS GUIDE IS,PLEASE LOOK AT THE BIGGER PICTURE!!FEEDBACK IS NOT ALWAYS FACTUAL.

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