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Hi everybody !

I want to share my personal experience with all and see what do you think ?

I recently sold few items on ebay , nothing special just few clothes which no longer fits me or my family

Before I list the items I would like to think that they will sell good and that I will make some profit after all not much just a little bit

However I forgot they are a lot more costs to consider on ebay when selling your items

First of all they are INSERTIONS FEES ,GALLERY FEES etc not a huge amount of money (£0.25 in my case) but still something

Then they are sale fees ( after you sell the item ) the higher the selling price -the higher sale fees

If you have ebay shops you need to pay £6 a month for it ...


And ofcourse PAYPAL they take some fees as well ( after you received the payment in your paypal account )

If you then want the transfer the money from paypal to your bank account it will cost you additional £0.25 ( if the amount is below £50 )


Well you would think that is it ! Well no it isn`t

They are also packaging costs to cover ( mailing bags are not sooo cheap these days ) think bubble wrap , tape , pens , inks etc ...

And ofcourse petrol / transport tickets to get to the post office ( not everyone lives 5 min from the local post office )

And finally something PRICELESS - your personal time , family time which you are missing on just to make sure parcels are post on time , questions are answered etc ...


If you are a POWER SELLER and selling high vloume items (mobile phones, tvs etc) then obviously ebay is for you and you still manage to make some money out of it  but think about low volume private sellers like me who sell baby clothes , toys , home bits and bobs etc

We do not actually make any profit whatsoever ( if not even losing £££) after having calculated all the costs needed to complete one simple transaction on ebay , there is too many "in-beetwen" people (ebay,paypal etc ) who are making money out of our item actually !¬

What is my the conclusion then ?

Next time instead of listing the items on Ebay I will make something really usefull and bring them to the CHARITY SHOP and SAVE MYSELF SOME £££££........

Thank you

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