NOCHEX and their 'Dormant Account Charge'

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For the few people who still use NOCHEX there's a catch in their terms and conditions that most people will not have noticed. If you don't use your account regularly they will class it a Dormant Account, and then bleed your account at a rate of £5 per qtr. I have personally lost about £75 over the years during periods of inactivity and only just noticed it. Also note that your account history only shows the last three months, so if there's a break in usage you may not see the 'Dormant Account Charge' which shows up as £0, but infact is not. Download your account history into a spreadsheet and then you'll find it. Attempts to recover your lost £5's does not seem to be effective imo.

(note: If anyone has managed to get their Dormant Account Charges back, then tell us how please).

I hope this saves a few quid for anyone reading this.

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