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Please do vote for this so others can benefit, from all the experience needed to help ebay sellers.

I dont mean to be funny, but is anyone else annoyed with non paying bidders, i have listed maybe 70 items on here now and had 14 people say i cant pay for it, or, oh sorry i was on holiday, okay so you might of been, but please email before hand to let us know instead of us having to wait 2-3 weeks for a message.

But these people who say, oh, can you please send it to nigeria to my cousion or my sister, and then have the cheek to send you a dodgy paypal invoice, which i bet some people have mistook for a real one??. (come on how many of you)

Please ebay can you do something about these people as they will ruin this site, and i certainly for 1 do not want to see that happen, people all over the world on ebay are probably getting charged and cant do anything about it for 20 days, because of these people, i have just had another one with my ps2 and games, sent me, random emails, apparentyy hackin into an account and bought all my stuff and i get charged for it, gotta wait 7 days for payment fee can be charged then another 10 days for the dispute to go on!!!

Helpfullness votes are brilliant as people will recognise that we are not the only one's who have to go through this. Hopefully Ebay can do something.  (So Vote)

Some of you may already know how to spot a fake ebayer, or someone who just wants to mess you about, i have learnt and so can you.......

The most easiest way is to put a block on ebayers in different countries like nigeria etc, and block buyers will relatively low feedback.....(but be careful always check the feedback)  as we have noticed that people are listing things like this ?????? and buying it for a penny, just to get a higher feedback score, if you see this please be wary as you could get stung.......

All these people are out just to mess you about and it really isnt fair, and please dont stand for it, i tell you something funny, the people who say oh ship it to my cousin or sister, actually probably send there real address with a dodgy paypal invoice to you, as they do want the stuff you have for auction, so give it the police haha, we can even catch them ourselves, as remember this is a legal binding auction site.

Good luck To you all

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