Nails Inc. NailKale 15ml base coat

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Nail Kale

 It was my daughters 16th birthday coming up and wanted to give her a treat, she really likes to make an effort with her nails, and will spend a lot of time and money on her nails. from the reviews ive read on nails Inc. especially the nailkale range I thought she would love to try this product, I thought it will help give nurishment and strenthen her nails whilst making them look amazing. I had read a few reviews on the internet about the Nails Inc. Nailkale and all the reviews only had good comments about the product which was the deciding factor for buying this product over other brands.
 When my daughter recieved the nail polish she was over the moon, she loved the colour of the base coat and the shape and size of the bottle, perfect size to fit in her small handbags. The cosistancy of the basecoat is thick and only needs one coat unlike cheeper brands, so great value for money.
The results from only putting the nailkale base coat on for a few days is amazing, she has noticed the condition of her nails is beautiful and has amazing strength, no more splitting or peeling, she would often go to our local nail salon every two weeks to have a manicure, but she doesnt think she will need to go as often now as her nails are just lovely the way they are. She now intends to buy more of the Nails Inc. range as the colours are beautiful and wide ranging, which would suit and outfit or time of day, and great value for money.
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