Natural Coloured Diamonds

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Prepare to be amazed by one of nature's miracles...


Natural Coloured Diamonds


All natural coloured diamonds were created billions of years ago, the same as their colourless counterparts.  However, particular geological circumstances, unique to each diamond, resulted in the astonishing and rare creation of a natural coloured diamond.


Just one in every 10,000 diamonds is naturally coloured.


Colourless diamonds are made entirely of carbon atoms.

Yellow and orange diamonds were created upon the very rare occurence of some carbon atoms being replaced by nitrogen atoms.  Therefore, their colour comes entirely from nature.  It is permanent and unique to each gem.  The colour in natural coloured diamonds is not laboratory-created, nor is it laboratory-enhanced.

It is, quite simply, a miracle of nature.


If you are considering investing in a natural coloured diamond, you should understand that, generally its value depends upon...

  • Rarity of colour
  • Strength of colour:  This varies from faint, through to vivid
  • Carat-weight


Natural coloured diamonds are graded on their 4 Cs (colour, clarity, carat-weight and cut) in the same way as a colourless diamond.

However, always remember this...

A natural coloured diamond's single most important factor is its colour.

This is hardly surprising.  After all...

It is plain to see that the colour in a natural coloured diamond is what elevates it to an entirely different league to that of a colourless diamond.


If you are considering buying a natural coloured diamond, you will also need to understand these terms...

  • Hue:  This pertains to the dominant colour of the diamond.  For example; yellow, brown, etc...
  • Tone:  This pertains to the lightness or darkness of colour.  For example; very light, light, medium, etc...
  • Saturation:  This pertains to the strength or intensity of colour.


Thankfully, much of this is down to one's own personal taste.

You may be particularly drawn to the gentle, classy appearance of pale yellow diamonds.  After all, a natural coloured diamond's tone and saturation do not detract from its overall brilliance, lustre and wow-factor in any way whatsoever.

So, with natural coloured diamonds, follow your instinct and personal taste.

Yet another wonderful thing about natural coloured diamonds is that, despite their rarity, they are available at all price points.  You will find that you can own one of these astonishing gems.

Your personal choice of natural coloured diamond will be just as unique as you.

This is because no two natural coloured diamonds are ever the same.


Marilyn Monroe wore the famous Moon of Baroda to the film premier of "Gentlemen Perefer Blondes" in 1953.

The Moon of Baroda is a 24 carat, pear-shape natural yellow diamond.

A natural yellow diamond is the perfect way of expressing any hint of "Marilyn" in you!



Each and every one of Knuckerbling's

natural yellow diamonds is a true showstopper


Inside these diamonds, you will find pure sunshine.

You will be utterly hypnotised by potent beams of iridescent light.

And, you will be bathed in a flattering, golden aura.


Welcome to the irresistable and fascinating world of...


Natural Coloured Diamonds by Knuckerbling




Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds by Knuckerbling



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