Natural Minoxidil Alternatives - Methods that Work

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Rogaine or Minoxidil has a lot of side effects, although known to work on some people, its not a flawless medication (like most pharma medications) - there are actual natural alternatives to Minoxidil. 

But first, it is important to understand how minoxidil works, its explained in the video below, but to quickly summarize it, it works by expanding the blood vessels so that more blood flow can occur - the video below explains the details. 

So what are the Natural Minoxidil Alternatives?

1. Exercise - Cardio for a good 5-10 minutes a day will push blood to the extremities of your body, allowing better blood flow to your scalp as well (this works best in combination of the other methods below, for hair loss conditions and helping hair regrow). 

2. Scalp massage - Its a no-brainer that scalp massage will push out toxins from the scalp that have blocked blood flow, and also increase blood flow if done over a period of time - ideally you want to be massaging your own scalp for 30 minutes a day, starting gentle, and getting tougher as you get used to it - you will notice that after some time (weeks) your sensations on your scalp are more easily felt - this is a sign there is increased blood flow there, helping renew the scalp and hair. 

3. Use organic, SLS Free shampoo which is not harsh - we recommend getting the Taoist Handmade Soap (from website). And use this to help accelerate the above two points mentioned. Its a great tool to have and there are many people talking about its benefits - its one of the only proven natural products that works with you - just remember to use very little of it in the start and build up if you need to. 

4. Balance your emotions and avoid sugar intensive foods - this is the worst combination. We put these together to explain that when someone is emotionally imbalanced, they want to balance it with more sugar based foods, which is a bad cycle to be in if you want to save your hair, let alone regrow hair (which is possible, contrary to what others say about it). 

Hope you found this guide helpful for your use and find that it will help you gain better health in every way possible. 

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