Need More Space & Dont Want To Open Up The PC - Part 1

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Need more storage space on your PC? Hard disk drive filled up to the brim with all thos digital photos, MP3s and movies. More importantly you want more space, but dont want to perform an open heart surgery on your PC. You would also like to go to your friend's house and share the photos since they are vey too large in size to email. Then your answer is an external hard disk drive.

I have a large amount of Vinyls, DVDs and music CDs which are being converted digitally and stored in the hard disk drive. My PC has two hard disks,a 300Gb Maxtor for Windows XP and an 80Gb Maxtor for Linux. To save time I have been copying them directly onto the hard disk, without compressing and converting the raw files. Why, you may ask? This is simply because I want to get the best out and by spending a little longer I can get better quality by tweaking the various settings.

Most PCs will let you connect upto 4 IDE dvices, hard disk drives and CD/DVD drives. Some of the latest PCs have a connection type called SATA, which some allow upto 8 devices. Mainly hard disk drives. However, this requires opening up the PC and connecting the cables and then praying that Windows XP recognises the disk during the boot up process. With an external disk you can pretty much avoid the open heart surgery. At least to a smaller more isolated level.

There are two ways to go about it, you can either purchase a retail kit which come with the hard disk drive installed ready to go or you can buy the hard disk drive and the enclosure separately. Choose the first option if you have mony to burn. Since I had a strict budget to work to, I chose the second option. The cost savings are enormous. I set aside £70 for the two together. Trawled ebay and the net to get the best prices. I eventually got a external enclosure for £12.50 and for just over £60 got 200Gb Western Digital, 3.5inch IDE hard disk. ( A bargain at the time).

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