Need extra eBay horsepower? know programming? read on..

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If like me you like a small challenge and have some programming skills then this may be of interest.

eBay is a powerful marketplace platform as it is and in most cases that's all you need, but this platform can be extended further and you can harness some of that power on your own applications whether intranet/internet based or desktop applications.

You may have a need for a specific function that is not available on your My eBay portal or have a company program that you like to keep in sync with your shop on ebay and check for new orders, inventory, reports etc.

Web Services have been implemented on eBay to allow us to write applications that can communicate and perform various tasks on our account or if your project is commercial this can also access other people's accounts, eBay allows for such applications to be written.

What do you need:

Web Services are platform independent and secure and my tool of choice to consume these services essentially because it’s free and because I have some experience with it is Microsoft Visual Basics .Net Express Edition at the time of writing free download. (Do a Google for Visual Basics .Net Express to get download link)

You can also use tools like Delphi, C# or Java just keep in mind that the eBay developer web site appear to give more information and examples with C# and VB .NET for example if you prefer Delphi over C# .Net you could check out the examples on C# and convert them to your preferred tool.

Once installed you will then need to open an account on eBay’s developers web site at and you can download tutorials and samples on how to write useful applications.

Have fun!
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