Need help buying authentic original Region 2 DVD's?

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Want to be 99% sure you are buying 100% original DVD's?

I have found that if you buy DVD's off ebay, some sellers can rip you off by sending you a pirate copy, a poor quality import or a home made copy and not the real thing.

Here is a quick guide to help you pick a legal DVD.

  1. English Region 2 DVD's have an age resriction on them (U, Uc, PG, 12, 15, or 18).
  2. Always check on the Region. If it says Region 2 then you should get a Region 2 DVD. (Some multi region discs are OK, check on a DVD site).
  3. Look at the photo. If there is a picture of the DVD and not a stock photo you should be OK. (Some people do not have cameras so they have to use stock photos).
  4. Always check the sellers feedback. If, after looking at the feedback and there are negatives for selling fake DVD's, there is a chance it's a bootleg so do not buy. (Be wary of malicious feedback).
  5. If the person selling the DVD has had feedback for selling fake ones, then steer clear.
  6. If a seller is selling a new film very cheap or the film is yet to be released then chances are it's not legitimate.
  7. If the seller has loads of positive feedback for selling original DVD's then you should be OK.
  8. If at all unsure then ask the seller.
  9. If you are still unsure, use your common sense.

If you use all or a combination of the above tips then you should be a happy buyer who, if you choose, will be able to sell on your authentic original DVD after you have watched it.

I hope this guide helps you buy only original DVD's.


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