Negative Feedback Problem on Cancelled Transactions

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The problem of buyers leaving negative feedbacks on cancelled transactions is becoming increasingly popular especially since ebay decided to remove the option of sellers leaving negative feedback. I have had friends and colleagues get bitten by that shark but not me until now.

I recently had a very uncooperative buyer who refused to pay for an item. I contacted him regarding this and I got a rude reply from the buyer and an explicit statement saying he would not be paying for the item. I raised a dispute and followed up on this with ebay. The buyer then decided to pay up afterwards but I lost faith in the transaction and decided to refund the full money the buyer paid despite him saying he was not going to pay. I contacted ebay regarding this and received my final value fee which to be honest is as good as transaction cancelled.  The next day I logged into eBay to find the buyer had left me a negative feedback accusing me of falsely advertising and refusing to send an item after he paid me. Obviously this left me baffled as I had refunded his morning and clearly explained to him I did it because he explicitly said he was not going to pay and I did not know why he decided to pay later as this left me assuming he was a fraudulent buyer and made me loose faith in the transaction.  I contacted eBay again and explained the whole situation to them and all I was left with was we understand your pain but there is nothing we can do except I go and print a defamation form and post it to them using first class or special delivery. Obviously this left me stunned especially after I reiterated to eBay that they refunded my Final Value Fee which meant the transaction literally never took place. The buyer was being malicious. Again same reply. Nothing could be done and I should write a letter to the same department that I was currently speaking to. The worst part about all this was the fact that even if it was decided in the seller's favour, all ebay does is remove the comment but your feedback score remains dented which is no good.

Problem here is buyers having too much power and using it maliciously especially on frustrated transactions. I had my impeccable record slashed to 98.2% by just one malicious buyer. At present and for the foreseeable future, eBay has refused to do anything regarding this. Ebay is a two way market which is dependent on both buyers and sellers. A reduction in sellers means buyers become frustrated with less choice. This problem is further exacerbated by eBay's literally non-response to aid sellers suffering from malicious attacks as I have. All ebay does is point you to a download form on defamation. Like I said above, the dent to your statistic still remains.

I would like to write out the solution here, but honestly there is none. You could reply to it but your statistics still remains the same. You can try and message the buyer but malicious and uncooperative buyers such as the one I have encountered in my example above would simply do nothing. The only two solutions I can think of are
  1. Look at the buyer's feedback number. If it is less than 5 chances are the person is an ebay newbie and wouldn't understand the feedback system. My buyer had only 3 feedbacks and that set alarm bells ringing when the buyer won my item.
  2.  Just don't sell on ebay and save yourself a whole lot of heartache.  I find myself donating my used stuff more to charity now as opposed to ebay listing.
One can only hope eBay sort out this enormous deformity in their system and make this a free and fair for all market place by making sure everyone keeps to a good standard and by everyone I do not mean just sellers.
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