Negative Feedback Removal - How DSR affect our Feedback

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This Guide is to help Sellers if they receive an unreasonable undeserved Negative Feedback and how you can go about getting it removed and also to tell you exactly how DSR's affect our Feedback Scores - What you did not know.

We as sellers are always trying to please in order to try and prevent negative feedback but unfortunately we can get them through no fault of our own and this seriously affects our feedback - they can be upsetting and sometimes very untrue and there seems to be nothing you can do to get them removed.

I recently had a problem with one such negative.  I had never had a negative before and I have worked so hard to keep it that way.  I was absolutely horrified because I had done everything humanly possible in the transaction. So I wanted to tell you how to try to reverse some of the damage that a Negative can do.  Here goes.

  1. FEEDBACK REVISION - When you have initially got over the shock of the big screaming negative keep calm and read what the buyer has said.  If you feel that you did all you could and the feedback is unfair you can ask you buyer to revise it to a positive.  This is obviously providing you have done everything humanly possible to solve the problem.  Sometimes people give a neg because they are disappointed - have had a bad day or simply have their angry head on and will be quite willing to revise when things have cooled down (Unfortunately not for me!)  You do this by clicking on the help link at the top of your ebay page - This will take you to the help page - type in Feedback revision.  There is a link on the page which will take you to a form, fill this in:  Apologise, explain that you did all you could and send.  Hopefully your buyer will relent and change your feedback to green.  If  they do not respond within 10 days the invitation will expire and the Negative and comment will remain.  If however the feedback infringes your integrity and states untrue facts that can be proven false and the comment tars your reputation as an Honest seller in the eyes of other ebayers then you can do something about it.  You can put in a Defamation Claim to have the feedback removed.  I am speaking from personal experience - Only the comment will be removed not the negative rating so it will affect your feedback score but I guess this is better than having the comment shouting at you every time you click on your page.

  2. DEFAMATION CLAIM - This is a more delicate avenue to take as it is a legal issue, but as long as you do your homework first it is fairly straight forward - This explanation may help.  If your Negative reads " Item did not arrive - I was disappointed" or "Item broken, Seller did not wrap it well"  This type of negative is not defamation It is called an opinion.  You may have wrapped it beautifully, refunded and done everything to solve the problem but the seller had negged because they are upset and although you may take it personally, it is not meant that way.  There is nothing you can do to get this removed apart from replying to the comment or requesting a feedback revision.  If your negative reads like this "item did not arrive The seller has stolen my money" or "Seller Dishonest, Said they sent item but did not"  The Buyer is blatantly calling you liar and telling everyone you are dishonest. This in turn will change how others see you and as a result you lose customers. This is defamation.  If you can prove that you sent it, that you refunded and did everything you could to rectify the problem and that their facts about you are untrue then you have a case.  To start this procedure you need to click on the help link - on the help page type in defamation - There will be a link to download a defamation claim declaration.  Download this, print it out and fill it in - include all relevant information - Comment you want removed and why- proof of  posting (Copy) you need the original for Royal mail - Any proof of refunds - and any other information to back up why you feel the comment is defamatory to you and stating clearly what parts of the feedback you want removed.  You need to send all of this to Ebay in Ireland (Airmail Letters if in the UK) as they need your handwritten signature in ink on the hard copy.  Ebay will review and if found in your favour the comment will be removed.  Please note for unknown reasons Ebay do not remove the negative rating even though this is all part of the same feedback comment and backs the buyer.  It will still affect your site and feedback scores - I will explain later. 

  3. TOTAL FEEDBACK REMOVAL:  This is possible but only in some cases.  Unless your negative is verbally abusive or your negger is suspended, ebay will not remove it- I was told that if I got a letter from a solicitor then they would remove the feedback..  I actually spoke to a solicitor who quoted £150 - £200 pounds for the letter and he told me there were no guarentees from previous experience that he had had, that I would get the desired result.  This option was not practical for me as I am a mum of three trying to get a little extra money for the boys but, for the bigger business It may be do able..

  4. THE FEEDBACK RATING REMAINS - In this scenario my advice is to simply resign your self to the fact that you have the red negative minus the nasty comment and that your feedback percentage score is now going to be affected and will drop everytime your buyers do not fill in the star system or mark you below 5.  Hope and pray that you do not receive another negative, well at least until that one disappears of the board in 12 months time. 


Sellers - Do Not Get Negatives - Whether your fault or not

Buyers - Please give 5 stars across the board unless you are really unhappy

When I got my negative my feedback went down from 100% to 99.9%, Then I received 2 glowing positives.  my feedback score went down to 99.8%, I was confused and called ebay to enquire why. I was told that when a buyer does not give you the full stars or does not fill in the stars at all the feedback percentage falls. If you have 100% this does not happen. This I found to be a little unfair hence this guide. so

SELLERS WITH NEGATIVES - Your feedbacks will go down if your buyers do not tick 4 and above and will seriously damage your feedback. In order for your feedback to be at 99.9% those stars have to be good.

BUYERS - The star system will affect any seller whether they deserved their negative or not. If you do not fill in all the stars on all the four categories and give them the five stars all the way then their feedbacks will go down.

SELLERS WITH 100% - You are fine the DSR's do not affect you.

My Promise to You.

I promise unless a seller seriously fails (Which is extremely rare) that I will mark you 5 stars and especially sellers with negatives.  The Detailed Sellers Rating system is not an accurate way of telling how a seller is performing it makes no sense at all.

Please buyers, If you have a problem, try contacting your seller first before leaving any feedback.  Negatives do affect a seller and in more ways than just reading them on a board (for some of us, stress, upset, and the feeling of failing) and they are not always necessary.  We have neutrals that still are as affective as a negative to make sellers sit up but do not affect the performance record.  Neutrals are a far better way of letting someone know you are disappointed.  Negatives should be left for truely terrible transactions if you have been ripped off.  It really is not a sellers fault if Royal mail delays or does not deliver the parcel.  Most sellers are happy to help. If a seller does not contact you when there is a problem or does not help at all, then a negative is justly deserved, but not when someone does everything they possibly can and have sorted out the problem.


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