Negative Feedback and discussion boards on ebay

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Hi folks,


Thought I would share my experiance with you with regards to receiving my 1st neg feedback. what I've learnt and how I got on with the discussion boards!

Received my 1st ever neg feedback and was really upset as I have tried so hard to keep my 100% feedback score, my reason for being so upset was due to the buyer didnt even contact me to explain that there was a problem with the goods they had purchased. So me being me left a reply to the feedback they left me and went on to the power seller discussion board for a bit of a rant!!

Oh boy the response I got was amazing havent quite had a debate like that in along time. some of the comments were very helpful whilst others where well quite frankly very condesending as my return policies werent up todate with regards to the new distance selling laws which they were very quick to pick up on. I also got comments with regards to the feedback reply that I posted the buyer which read " full refunds issued why no contact and then purchase the same item again" well something on those lines.

I discovered that i could request for a feedback to be revised by the customer and was also advised to contacted the customer stating that if they had contacted me I could have sorted out any issues they had with their purchase. etc etc....

I took the good advise and opened up a request to revise my neg feedback from the buyer and also issued them with a full refund including all postage costs due to the item they purchased from me broke within two days of purchasing it.  And low and behold the buyer was over the moon with the fact that I had issued them with a full refund, also apologised for leaving neg feedback and said that in future if they receive goods on ebay and there is a problem that they would contact the seller first before just leaving neg feedback and they also retracted their neg feedback they left me stating how well I sorted out the problem and that they would purchase from me again. So happy days.

My advise to anyone who receives neg feedback, dont post a response until you have made contact with your buyer, try and resolve the issue and if necessary issue them with a full refund (ok you might be out of pocket on this sale but look at the bigger picture; too many negs and you loose power seller status and FVF discounts etc.... its not worth it). then request for them to revise the feedback they have sent you. 

Also if you need help on any issues with ebay selling or buying try the discussion boards, you might not like some of the threads you receive but on the whole the help and advise you will get is really good. If you like to debate then this really is a good place to go, I havn't had such fun in ages : )

I hope you have found some of my comments helpfull? if you have then please take the time to tick the box at the bottom stating that you found this guide helpful.



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