Negative Feedback and eBay Policy

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I've been an eBay member for over 8 years, spent thousands of pounds and I've always been very happy with eBay... until now!

I recently purchased an item from a seller, the item didn't arrive. After several emails, the seller agreed to refund my money.

So... you're thinking that that was a good thing, aren't you?  Well it was until the seller not only left negative feedback for me (and then sent several abusive emails), but also left PERSONAL information about me in the feedback.

I asked eBay to remove the feedback because it had personally identifiable information about me.  eBay refused to remove the feedback unless they recieved a demand from a solicitor.  I enquired about having a letter drafted by my solicitor, and it would cost me £35.

eBay's policy is in direct contravention of the Data Protection Act. The act states quite clearly that information held about you personally MUST NOT be disclosed, and they must remove that information in a timely manner (within 14 days) if requested.

To date the information has not been removed (4 months later) dispite tens of emails.  I have even asked for a member of management to contact me personally, and they even refused to do that.

I just wanted to warn those of you who are wondering about eBays feedback policy, and the pitfalls.

I have since had to set my feedback profile to private, so that others cannot see my personal information..

I would like to see eBay make sure that it complies with English Law. I would also like to see the 'customer service representatives' actually HELP customers.

Be careful who you buy from!!!!



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