Negative Feedbacks for eBay Sellers? How to avoid them

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This guide is for sellers that are having negative feedback for what so ever reasons from their buyers. In this guide you will learn how to avoid negative feedback from your sellers that tarnishes your online image and credibility.
In order to learn how to avoid negative feedbacks first we will discuss certain basics of the same & its mechanism. Let us see understand in what circumstances a seller delivers a negative feed.

What urges a seller to give Negative Feedback?
•    Damaged product shipped by seller
•    No product delivered after payment
•    Product accessories not delivered
•    Zero after sales services
•    Charged more than the market price
•    Shipping cost charged extra from buyer
•    No refund at all for damaged products
•    Seller is not responding after the transaction

All these and many more reasons are available within the day to day transaction between buyers and sellers. There are buyers who tend to give intentionally negative feeds even if they are compensated. These types of buyers bounce back with purposeful negative feedback to tarnish the seller’s image. All these and many more simple practices can help you reduce negative tags on your online business. Let’s see them.

#1 Keep in touch with the Buyer
Contact the buyer via email or phone call and explain the genuine reason of why the situation happened. Speak softly to them and have patience. Don’t expect to resolve the problem in the first instance. Give it another chance. Take help of your associate to talk with the buyer. Do not keep on calling or mailing him/her again and again.

#2 Track Dispatch & Delivery
Keep your buyer informed about the potential dispatch and delivery timings and request them to track the order in person. This will avoid many intrusions.

#3 Compensate without Hesitation
If the buyer is asking for a refund do not hesitate to give the same because this is the most sorted reason for an invitation to a negative feedback.

#4 Decrease the Retaliation
Buyers retaliate even after a seller apologizes for the mistakes or misunderstandings that cause problems to them. To break down the retaliation frequency you need to stay in touch with the buyer right from the start, so that you can keep a track of conversions and transaction happening on both the side.

#5 Don’t Plead for Positive Feedback
Do not literally beg before buyers to leave a positive feedback. Rather than that concentrate on your sales and service standards that will automatically fetch you positive feedbacks. Asking every now and then for positive feedbacks from buyers will make buyer suspicious of your sales and services to be feedback oriented and nothing else.

#6 Reply Immediately
Even after these entire extensive workout you get a negative thread, don’t panic instead just answer it immediately and try to explain the acute scenario of what happened, but in short. Other buyers will look at the negative feeds and also the reply tagged with it. This may not help a lot but it will reduce the probable loss.

#7 Do whatever it takes for
Instead of asking for a positive comment, just remind your buyers to contact you before posting a negative feed and assure them the best possible solution in case if any.

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