Negative and Defamatory feedback removal

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Hi,I have noticed whilst buying and selling on ebay that there are alot of members with negative or abusive feedback and you have not removed it.

There are at times negative feedback for those bad sellers out there who think burying thier heads in the sand and not replying to messages etc well they deserve it.

I am refering to those hard working ones that are subjected to the odd ebay nutter out there,who no matter wether it was a perfect sale or not your going to get fragged.This you can ask ebay to remove,it,s not their normal policy to interfere as they dont want to be seen as the dictator on the site,it should be settled between buyer and seler amicably (as if).

If negative has been left and it contains foul hurtful comments then ask for it to be removed,you will also be credited your dsr scores too.If you think it is defamatory ie name calling etc then ask for the comment to be removed,this can be done but you will still maintain the dsr scores (better than nowt).I kept my dsr scores which i thought quite damaging as mine were almost perfect then this happened as (read my other review).

You may not agree with the latter as you think why can someone leave me negative for something that i have not done,well your at the mercy of every sale you make,One of the best ways to keep your postage dsr,s up is offer free postage,try and incorporate that loss in the starting price of your item.I had a dispute against me and although it was amicably sorted by customer support the buyer could still destroy my dsr,s this he did,i even tried to explain i knocked some money off the final price to give free postage but that did not help and i was hammered on all aspects of the dsr table.

I think there should be a system in place that when a dispute is opened then the feedback option should be on hold until resolved and even then feedback should not be allowed to be left out of vengence to a resolution decision no matter whos favour the outcome was in.

Basically if you think that your feedback is not warranted please dont give up,contact ebay straight away and start the ball rolling for it,s removal,i know its a pain in the backside to remove but dont let these people get away with destroying your good seller reputation.Hope you enjoyed reading this and it was helpfull.

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