Negative feedback and Ebay Policy

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Providing negative feedback and the concequences.

The ebay policy being able to supply feedback without consequences is not true as it automatically generates a case. The case can be a reason to remove your feedback whether it is true or not. The case identification in my case was flawed allowing a seller to sell a broken item without any repercussions. Numerous attempts to make my case fell on deaf ears at the customer support help line once you are able to finally get there. Physical evidence of my claim was never able to be provided due to a broken evidence link at ebay. The case was decided on physical evidence that was never able to provide.

I recently provided negative feedback that was truthful and honest about an item that was not as described.

The feedback generated a case. I attempted to provide evidence for my claim and the link provided was broken. The final case decision was based on evidence that the item had been altered after I received it but customer service could not produce the evidence. Since the case was decided in favor of the seller without my being able to present my evidence of my claim my negative feedback was removed from the sellers input. Ebay does not honor truthful feedback and will infact remove it after a supervisor stated my feedback was the only way I could warn others and at least get some closure on this disastrous Christmas Gift that I had purchased for by Father a Vietnam era USAF Fighter pilot. I plan to close my account of many years shortly. I was hoping to take him on a flight with FPV that came with the item.
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