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The old adage 'if it looks too good to be true' rings true in my experience of buying, or rather tying to buy, a bathroom suite with a particular seller (who I'm guessing will have to remain nameless) recently.

In short, I purchased a bathroom suite on best offer basis in early February 2008 which , it turns out, was never in stock (how are sellers allowed to get away with this?). After at least 3/4 failed delivery dates (which I was admittedly informed of), the belated offer of a different suite (completely different) and  the impression that my intelligence was being called into question with ever more dubious excuses, I cancelled my order over a month later and received a full refund.

As the communication on behalf of the seller had been good, and despite my better judgement, I left neutral and fair feedback rather than the negative the transaction deserved. On receiving a request from the seller to withdraw this 'as it is taken as negative' (or words to that effect), I decided the feedback left should stand as the seller was selling an item they never had. In the meantime, the seller had replied to the feedback with their standard response that buyers are kept informed of any delay (they obviously have this saved due to frequent use).

I was then left negative feedback with the words 'cancelled order', losing my 100% status as both a buyer and seller.

This particular cretin had received a lot of feedback similar to my own at around the same time, but many e-bayers had agreed to withdraw their neutral or negative feedback. WHY???

This appears to be a vicious circle in that these incompetents are maintaining their reasonably high feedback percentage by ebayers not having the bottle to follow through with their honest opinions due to the threat of their all important rating being damaged as a result.

PLEASE don't be bullied. I am currently in contact with EBay to see what can be done - not to reinstate my rating, as on the face of it the feedback policy has been adhered to, but to ensure sellers such as these amateurs do not escape a feedback system that is supposedly designed to protect us, the buyers and sellers who use this platform in an honest and transparent manner.

PLEASE also look at the amount of neutral and withdrawn feedback, as well as the more obvious positive and negative.

PS look at my feedback should you be curious (think that's an acceptable way to put it)


Happy E-Baying!

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