Nero 8 for under a tenner ? too good to be true!!!

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Have you seen certain software, eg Nero 8, Roxio 10, selling way below their RRP prices.

These tend to be digital downloads, where you receive and email with a serial number and a link to the Trial download. 

I was taken in, and bought Nero 8 for £7.99.

Very quickly, the serial number and link were supplied in an email.

Serial number entered, and hey presto, all is fine...

Or so I thought.

When I tried to watch a DVD with Nero Vision, it needed to be activated.

No problem I thought. 1 minute later, it reports that I have a pirated serial number.

Nero will work, but only for about 30 days. After that, certain functions will become disabled.

Now, unless you have tried to watch a DVD etc with Nero Vision, you will not be aware you have a pirated serial number until Nero requests and activation.

My suggestion:

If you have bought Nero 8 at a price "Too good to be true." I would suggest to try and watch a DVD, or an AVI/MPEG movie via Nero Vision. It will require activation. If there is a problem with the serial number, Nero will advise.

Whatever you do, Nero will rquire activation after 30 days.

If you have received what a appears to be a pirated number. Contact the seller, and if that is no good. Try eBay or Paypal.



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