Nespresso CitiZ and Milk by Krups Coffee Machine

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Having owned one or two coffee machines in my time I have to say the Magimix Citiz Milk is fantastic!!
If I'm being totally honest our lifestyle leaves us little time to be messing round with complicated and longwinded pieces of equipment in order to make a simple cup of coffee so when this machine was recommended to us (mainly due to ease of use) we bought it primarily for this reason and it is certainly far surpassed any of our expectations not only in usability but the quality too!
When the machine arrived it was a few simple steps before we were enjoying our first cup of real coffee and what a darn good cup of coffee too! I have to say I never realised how awful instant coffee really is until this lol.
The main thing I love about this machine is the separate milk bit. My husband particularly enjoys a latte whereas I (forever watching my figure lol) have it with just a drop of milk, so for hubby, he simply pops his milk into the milk frother and pours it nice & hot into his coffee whilst I will make my coffee and add a little cold milk afterwards.
Back to the ease of use issue, as with previous machines we have had, they got little use simply because it proved so much hassle making a coffee then all the cleaning afterwards. With the Nespresso, it's simples. You fill the water tank with fresh water, switch the machine on and wait for it to heat which incidentally is very quick, then pop your coffee pod into the top. If your having milk in the frother you put that in and switch it on to do it's bit. Meanwhile select your cup size from large or small and press! When the milk is ready you add it to it and voila, you have a perfect cup of coffee!
Cleaning is a synch as I just rinse the milk pot and leave the machine till the end of the day then just empty the water tank, empty the water tray and discard the used coffee pods. Every week I'll give it a more thorough clean.
This machine gets used daily and trying all the different coffees is brilliant! I can honestly not recommend the nespresso's highly enough. All in all a superb machine that delivers a superb cup of coffee and is a total pleasure to use!
If your in the market for a new coffee machine, buy it, you won't be disappointed :-)

Hope this review helps some of you with the decision of to buy or not to buy :-) x
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