Nespresso Coffee Machines. Any Good??

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Hi there,
*UPDATE* 25th AUGUST 2016 - The day has finally come - our machine decided to pack in - I was going to give it to my son's friend to take to uni, but it packed in.. it wasn't ejecting capsules for some reason.. anyway.. excuse to get a new one.. I say new one.. I bought one off a facebook user for £10 -- and then bought another one off Gumtree for £10 - both work fine.. so whats the lifespan of a Nespresso machine? Well it has to be in the region of 10K plus capsule uses.. at least.. sadly the new one is bigger and cant be taken on holiday

*UPDATE* 3rd June 2016 Coming up to 10,000 capsules now. Machine still going, but it would be nice to get a new one.

*UPDATE* 10th Sept 2015 - Yes, still on the same machine. The cage that holds the used pods has been thrown away by the missus.. duh!! BUT - it still works, and my son wants to take it to Uni with him.. which we have agreed to let him do.. so whats change since 2006 when i got this machine on ebay? Well, buy the capsules in Nespresso shop in the Trafford Centre now.. and we get a running total pretty much from the satff when we buy.. we're coming up to 9000 capsules since 2006.. 

*U P D A T E* 19th November 2013 - Still on the same machine. Wish I wasn't but as it still works fine, it's seems foolish to spend money when I don't have to. One addition to the advice.

Nespresso have got the whole capsule market sussed totally. It is without doubt the best system out there. Some companies have also tried to make copy nespresso capsules DUALIT for one. The nespresson capsules are by far and away the best. It is a false economy buying the others. But give them a go and find out yourself. 

*UPDATE* 2nd November 2009 - Still on the same Machine. Still no problems.

*UPDATE* 26th April 2009 - Still on the same machine. No problems to report. Still fine coffee. Would be lost without it. My review below says that you can only get these via mailorder - well, if you have a selfridges nearby, you can now buy them there, which saves having to buy 200 at a time for the free P+P from the Nespresso website.

*UPDATE* 14th Feb 2008 - Still on the same machine. Another friend has decided to get one as well.  

*UPDATE 26th Sept 2007 I recommended the machine to the TNT delivery driver, and on the next delivery I expected him to say he hadnt got one - but he had. And he and his wife loved it.. *

Are you looking for a coffee machine right now? Considering a pod system versus a normal ground coffee type like a saeco, or a gaggia pump action.

Well I was in the market a about four years ago. My budget was fairly tight at the time though I was desperate to get a saeco or gaggia automatic machine [hence the other BEWARE CHINA guide] - both these machines looked really cool, esp the stainless steel gaggia titanium.

However my budget wouldn't stretch. So I had to try something else.

I was fortunate to come across some of those TASSIMO pod systems on trial at a local Asda car park. Tassimo Pods have a barcode so machine 'knows' what settings to use. You can also have hot chocolate, milk, and capuccino pods. So I tried it - and , well, in my humble opinion it was disgusting. Really artificial tasting. even the black coffee tasted bad, and the 'crema' that the demonstrator pointed out was very poor indeeed.. more like bubbles blown thru a straw than anything else. 

A day later , I was in my local John Lewis, and some old dear insisted that I try the Nespresso machine they were demonstrating.. well, in for a penny etc etc - I didn't want to admit I wasn't an espresso drinker so had an espresso - I tried it, and [now I am not saying this because I now have one] but I was totally blown away.

The crema was thick the coffee tasted as good as I have ever tasted. Honest - in fact i wish i wasn't writing this as i feel i could do with some commission if this review sways you, but really - it was good.. I made my excuses and left the woman to ponder how i could get a machine as cheap as poss.. the cheapest is around £99, which is what i have - a manual.. but i didnt want to pay that.

I got my machine on ebay last in 2006. Someone had a krups on a buy it now for £25 - had they have kept it on they would have got £70 odd, but i aint complaining.

The pluses are :

1. Great tasting coffee
2. Consistant
3. Simple & Easy to use
4. Big range of coffees
5. Heat up time [about 1 min]
6. 19 bar pump
7. Portable
8. Coffee is so good you spend less in Starbucks.

The minuses are :

1. Cost [25p+ per capsule]
2. Capules not in shops - Online ordering only [or phone]
3. Coffee is so good, you spend less time in Starbucks. 

I buy my capsules in bulk 200 at a time, and they come next day .. so i have no complaints with the ordering  - but per brew I'm sure it must be more expensive that a normal pump machine that uses ground coffee. That said, right now, I still cant afford a Gaggia Titanium, so this machine serves a great purpose - in fact and this is another plus, we took out machine on our UK holiday this year, and boy was it well received by all of us that used it in the morning and evenings. 

The range of coffees is long - but really, you only need to get the ristretto blend, which is the strongest blend, and the one that  makes the best lattes and capuccinos - the best coffee cordial so to speak. 

You'll notice that last minus point about Starbucks. It might sound a little tongue in cheek, but I'll be honest its true.. since buying this machine I do spend less time in Starbucks, and less time = less money. Basically, I'm happy to wait until i get home for my coffee now rather than get one at SBs, thats if I'm on my way home of course.. I still pop in mid morning for one sometimes. 

Oh, the espressos the NESPRESSO machine makes have given me a taste for espressos now as well. Which I think is quite cool, so I have bought some funky espresso cups now - which look dead posey - but I don't care.. I'm an espresso drinker now.. shame I've given up smoking - a gitanes full strength would add to the coolness me thinks.

Finally, if I had the money I would get a gaggia - but for convenience you cant beat the nespresso system - so I'd probably keep it to take on hols anyway. The machine I use is a KRUPS XN2005 black. And its compact enough to even take camping - well either that or we cant do without it so much so we take it anyway. 

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