Neutral or Negative Feedback Left Without Any Notice

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Isn't it about time that Ebay did something about people leaving neutral or negative feedback without giving sellers any notice?

What i mean is, when you leave a neutral or neg feedback you are given a warning sign where you have to tick 3 boxes,

One of them stating that you:

  1.   I have contacted or tried to contact the seller to resolve issues 

I can't understand why people tick this box when they haven't contacted us prior to leaving the neutral or neg feedback?

That means they are lying.

We all know that we would rather resolve the matter than be given bad feedback, so ebay shoud clamp down on buyers who do not contact sellers prior to leaving bad feedback.

This would be a good idea:

Neutral or Negative Feedback should be revoked if the buyer has not comunicated with the seller prior to leaving the unfair feedback!

Does anyone agree?

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