Never Judge a Book by its Cover!

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I wanted to write a review about a recent book of transfers purchased on ebay - but couldn't find how do it, so I'm putting it here in the hope that someone might read this!

I have just had delivered today "Oriental Iron-On Transfer Patterns" by Lilo Markrich (ISBN 0486238865) which I purchased on ebay.  This review is no reflection whatsoever on the seller, the service received there was excellent.  It is about the content of the book.  Don't be fooled by "24 Authentic Embroidery Motifs . . . ." Like me, you would probably think that this is a collection of 24 different iron-on transfers for embroidery - after all, would you call a cake an authentic collection of several ingredients?  Read on . . . .

Plate 1  -  Charming picutre  :  

Plate 2  -  Several small transfers making one picture (apparently the design from a vintage kimono)  :  

Plate 3  -  an enlargement of one of the pictures on Plate 2*  :  

Plate 4  -  Cute bird & flowers  : 

Plate 5  -  a reversed image of Plate 4  : 

Plate 6  -  Two small transfers; Cute bird from Plate 4 and same bird but with tail feathers closed  : 

Plates 7-11  -  nice set of flowers  : 

Plate 12 & 13 is actually one transfer across the middle pages (a landscape)   : 

Plate 14  -  a stemmed flower  : 

Plate 15  -  practically the same flower with some very minor differences  : 

Plates 16 & 17 - two insects on a twig (I guess enough of a difference to call them two separate transfers)  : 

Plates 18 & 19  -  I'm guessing they are distant cousins of Plates 16 & 17  : 

Plates 20-23 more flowers  : 

Plate 24  -  the dragon shown on the front cover.

*There is a "Notes on the Plates" section at the back of the book (detailing the origins of the motifs) that actually states that Plate 3 is the approximate full size whereas Plates 1 & 2 are one-fourth the original size.

Well there you have it, I certainly don't count 24 individual motifs but then again, that declaration isn't printed anywhere on the cover, but it was my interpretation of "24 Authentic Embroidery Motifs . . ."

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