New EBay users and Negative Feedback...a sellers story

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How it happens

I'm sure many longstanding EBay members have also suffered at the hands of ill informed NEWBIE EBayers as I have.
I have my personal EBay account and also run 2 shops. In my experience if you are an honest EBayer , the only time you will ever receive negative feedback is from a new member ,someone with less than 5 feedback
This is generally because they will leave you negative BEFORE contacting you . They often fail to read the feedback process information which can be found here LEAVING FEEDBACK .

Examples I have suffered

In my Ebay lighting shop I received negative from a new member for a set of lights that didnt work outdoors.The lights in question were listed under indoor lighting and also carried a warning in the listing that they were for indoor use only

On my personal Ebay account in the last month I have received 2 negatives. One from a member who bought my PS2. Now fair enough I forgot to put one of the leads in the box. However she left me negative before she contacted me, thus she still hasn't got her lead. If she had simply emailed me I would have apologised and sent her the lead straight away. As it stands I can now do nothing to help her.

The second and possible my favourite was for a mobile phone I sold. The advert read as follows

You are bidding on a  Nokia 6820 the one that flips open so you can have a qwerty keyboard.
I'll be honest its been well used.the cover has loads of scratches and scuffs and a bit is broken off the side.This would be ideal as a work phone which is what it's been used for by me. It is ,however in good working order . Please do not bid on this if you are after a mint condition phone coz mint condition it aint.

The buyer then left me negative sayiong the item was in bad condition?This is another prime example of new users not only failing to understand the feedback system but also in this case failing to read the advert.

What Can You Do?
You can attempt a mutual feedback withdrawal if you can get the other party to agree. Often difficult .
You can ask EBay to look into it for you. You will receive a response but nothing will be done ,...EVER

So i have now lost my 100 feedback courtesy of 2 foolish people. What ,you may ask, will EBay do about it?...NOTHING thats what .

The feedback system is fatally flawed and will continue to be misused by new users.

My only advice is to do what I now do

State in your listings that anyone with feedback under 10 is barred from bidding on your auctions. If they bid cancel em.

Unfair on good new users but the only form of defence from the bad ones until EBay does something to change it

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