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Ok, you have correctly filled out everthing that ebay has asked you to do, you are new to the wonderful world of Ebay and you are ready to start listing, Please take a few further moments now to read this guide and "the whole ebay world will become your lobster" as Del Boy once said. ( Well almost )

1. Firstly it is better to understand how buyers find your item then the further points in this guide will make much more sense to you when you read them.

2. Their are many many different ways to find an item that Ebayers want to buy, but fundimentally it all boils down to entering a few KEY WORDS into the Ebay search system. For example say you are looking for a car. One way is to go to the home page then click on the "Cars Parts and Vehicles" link, then scroll down to the type of car you are looking for say Citroen then when that pops up you type in the model of Citroen you are after say Xantia, then hey presto up pops all the Citroen Xantias that Ebay has for sale, sounds simple and it is, but you would be amazed how many people make basic mistakes when listing which means that fewer people find what they have for sale which in turn generally means a lower price. Ok now for the three really important points so please read and digest fully and you will soon have stacks of people looking at what you have for sale.

3. First and foremost list you goods in the correct selling section, this is fundemental to successful selling. Its pointless paying Ebay fees if you list in the incorrect place, because you will not get the people who want to see what you have for sale, why? well because it is not in the correct place that is why.

4. A typical example is if you are selling say a Citroen car, if you type in the word Citroen when you are looking for a listing section on Ebay it will show you that the biggest listing for Citroen is 32%, but look more closely and you will see its for Citroen "Parts and spares." You however are not selling any Citroen "parts" you are simply selling a car so the section that you really want is Citroen "cars" which only shows as 5%. The reason for this higher percentage is that their are many many more spares for sale than actual cars, so DONT make the mistake of listing on the larger percentage even though at first sight it looks much better. If you want more buyers to see what you actually have for sale then ALWAYS LIST IN THE CORRECT SALES SECTION.

5. MAKE SURE YOUR LISTING SPELLING IS CORRECT. Again this is VITAL. Also DO NOT use telephone txt type abbreviations, Their is no need for it at all, as Ebay does not restrict its amount of words and it does put loads of people off.

So lets imagine you have a Vauxhall Astra which has destroyed its "red top" engine, and you really need to try to find one. If you type in the words "Vauxhall Red Top" the Ebay search system will find any and everything to do with "Vauxhall Red Top" hence you will find what you are looking for with no effort. If however the person who has "for sale" just what your looking for but has listed it as "vaxall redtop" it will never be found by anyone. GET IT? Spell it correctly and it will be found. Spell it incorrectly and it will not be found. So SPELL IT CORRECTLY!!!

6. KEY WORDS. Because articles, cars and goods are searched for by buyers typing in what they want into the Ebay search system, put in as many KEY WORDS in the LISTING TITLE as you can. For example if you type " Citroen Xantia Diesel Estate Towbar Tax" as your LISTING TITLE, any people who enter any of the KEY WORDS Tax, Towbar, Estate, Diesel, Xantia, and Citroen will find your car. It stands to reason that if you only type "Citroen" in your main listing title then only the people who have typed in Citroen will find your car. You will then be missing masses of potential buyers. So LIST AS MANY KEY WORDS AS YOU CAN!!!

To summerise:-




I know a lot of you out in Ebay land will think a lot of this is basic and obvious but If you think it may have helped some people even a little do vote Yes in the box below thanks


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