New Feedback Changes- pro's & con's

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It has been long overdue but at last the ebay feedback system has changed. Up untill now we could not leave honest negative or neutral comments without fear of unjustified negative / neutral replies.

Buyers can now be totally honest and not worry about  it. There must be many occasions people have purchased something, paid instantly via paypal, & recieved our item/s only to find they were not as described, carried excessive postal charges, faulty etc.

In these instances we should leave feedback accordingly. I have many friends who have recieved negative or neutral feedback due to being honest about a transaction and its very annoying as you know you completed your side of the transaction as directed.

You feel pressured into being false and giving inaccurate feedback which does not make for a good ebay community.

It's being a long wait to get to these changes but at last we can be honest without fear of our feedback score being ruined through a seller with a bad attitude.

On the other side of the coin these changes could also encourage a few people to leave negative feeback too easily. Some people may feel tempted to abuse the system knowing that they don't have to worry about a negative / neutral reply.

Yes we will get times when an item may be slightly late or something may have got damaged etc via post. With all the best care and attention with packing these things can still happen. Sellers should make sure they aim to build good relations with buyers by letting them know if postal has been delayed etc. To avoid unfair negative feedback to sellers we must build up a good communication. Most good sellers will either refund / return or exchange items etc so before leaving any negative / neutral feedback please email the seller to give them a chance to put any situation you are not happy with right. If this fails then you are justified in leaving appropriate feedback.



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