New Feedback System & Postage Costs.

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Must say that the new Feedback Star System is quite a good idea.  It gives you more of an idea of just how good a seller's overall performance is.

I don't really think it's fair to rate a seller on Postage costs though unless they really are taking the piss.  This is usually easy to spot & results in a no sale.

It's generally accepted that most people over charge on the postage to try & recoup some or all of their auction fees, other wise it wouldn't be worth bothering with Ebay. 
Inflated postage costs have after all been created by Ebay's own greed.  Let me explain, if you use PayPal as an accepted payment method from your buyers you end up paying Ebay 3 seperate fees for your auction.
1. Listing Fee
2. Percentage of final auction Fee
3. PayPal Fee ( Ebay is owned by PayPal )

I think this takes the piss.  If you accept PayPal I think Ebay should not charge a final value fee, they will be taking a percentage of your sale via PayPal! 
I think Ebay need to address this as many sellers are becoming increasingly pissed off with losing too much of their money, it also leaves Ebay wide open to rivals that may set up & just charge a listing fee.

Ebay is a roaring success & there is no longer any justification for all this nibbling into other peoples profits.  How many items are currently listed on Ebay?  .....THOUSANDS!!!!!!
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