New Seller Shop Fees = What you need to know!!

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Ebay has sent emails around all sellers giving details of new pricing schedule for shops. Many of the emails at first glance suggest that the shops listing fee is going down by saying things like "1p listings for shops" I suspect many sellers have not looked into this properly as a result and will be hit by increased shop fees and quite understandably surprised. Ebay will say that they sent emails telling sellers of these fees, which is correct as one of the emails was more explicit. 

So how do you qualify for 1p lisitngs with free galary?  Only if you pay about £350 a month for the top shop. The fees for the basic shop have gone up from £6 to £14.99 per month and the fee per item from 6p per item (with gallery), to 20p per item with free gallery. Sellers no longer have the choice not to pay for gallery. Items will be listed as buy it now listings as the shop inventory listing is being scrapped.

What are the good points? 

  • The items listed will be included in the main searches. When Ebay did this as a trial a few years ago, my sales went up significantly as a result.
  • Buyers will be able to search for an item and find all the relevant items at the same time.
  • If you sell a lot of items, it will be well worth paying the £350 fee and listing your items cheaply, hence there may be more high volume shops.
  • Less competition as some shops may go out of business.
  • Shop sales are likely to increase

What  are the bad points?

  • The cost of running a shop has now gone up significantly
  • It now costs more to list items in your shop
  • Some shops may go out of business.

What are your options as a shop owner?

  • Keep your shop and pay the fees - you may be able to recoup the costs by additional sales and buy it now prices are often higher than auction.
  • Close  your shop and pay 40p an item to list items as buy it now. - might suit low volume sellers.
  • Close your shop and list items only on auction - useful if you sell items that will sell at auction at a good price everytime.
  • Keep your shop open on a trial basis to see what happens (this is what I am planning on doing!)
  • Keep  a lower stock level.

Anyway - do check the fees out and give it some thought, before you start getting hit by the fees


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