New Type Of Ciss System User and Installation Guide

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How CIS Works?

The CIS system works by replacing the existing, expensive , cartridges with a custom designed alternative. Through the use of high quality precision components, the CISS connects your printer to an external ink , ensuring that you can print many pages between refills.

To ensure a smooth installation and trouble free operation please review the following hints and tips.

Getting to know your Ciss
Recognizes the components

The principle components of your new CISS system include:

The Ink Tank - this provides your printer with ink and is refillable.
A replacement cartridge- this feeds the ink into your printer and may also include a reset switch
Silicon piping - this feeds the ink from the ink tank into the cartridge
Ink Tank air filters - these are fitted into the individual inks in the ink tank, this ensures that the CISS does not become air locked
A syringe - This may be used to refill the ink tanks in the future

Hint :
Some of our CISS systems are sold prefilled with high quality ink. The replacement cartridges are charged and the pipes primed with ink. In transit it is possible that air will enter the syste. This is normal and may also happen if the printer is not used for extended periods of time .

The ink tank will be external to the printer and must be at the same level. Make sure that your printer has sufficient room and that the ink is not likely to be knocked over.

On the side of the ink tank you will notice a roller; this is used to bloke the flow of ink. Ensure it is in the unlocked position for operation.

Start by replacing the small red stoppers on the individual ink tanks with the air filter that are included.

Prep your printer
In order to install your CISS you will need to instruct your printer to position the current cartridges so that they can be removed. Some printers will only allow this to happen when the ink is exhausted.

Remove the old cartridges and dispose of them.It is likely that the printer cartridge holder will have a cover. This will need to be removed. In most cases you should be able to use a screwdriver to lever the cover off. Some printers have a moulded solution that may require you to use small electrical cutters to cut the hinge. Please be aware that you do this at your own risk and no liability is accepted for damage to your printer.

Install the CISS

With the old cartridges and cover removed you are ready to install the CISS into your printer.

Modern printer cartridges have electronice that help monitor the ink levels and detect cartridge changes. Our CISS includes a central reset switch to make this process easier. IT is vital that the chips on your CISS cartridge align with the corresponding electronics in your printer. Failure to do this will result in the printer refusing to recognise the new cartridge. If your printer is dusty , you may want to use a small paint brush to remove dust from the cartridge housing before installing the CISS.

Hint :
Make sure you press the cartridge fully home so that it clicks. Your printer will not recognise the cartridges if the connection is not made between the CISS and your printer. If you do get errors, you will need to carefully take the cartridge out and re-install.

Place the ink by the printer; it can go on either side. Ensure the pipes are not twisted and are in line with the cartridge; attach the pipe clip to the plastic frame of the printer , then , pushing the print head manually to either extreme ensure that the pipes are of sufficient length. Not stretched or excessively long.

Hint :
When you close the printer lid , you need to ensure it does not trap the pipes. This may require you to NOT fully close the printer or to remove a tiny piece from the lid.

Double check
-- Ink tank installed AT THE SAME LEVEL as the printer
-- Air Filters installed
-- Roller on the side of the printer set to allow ink to flow
-- Print head able to move fully to the left and right without pulling the pipes or becoming entagled in them
-- Pipes attached securely to the printer.
-- Pipes not restricted by the lid.

Switch on:
If the printer does not recognise the ink you will need to remove the CISS cartridge and reinstall. You may also need to press the reset button for 5 seconds. To remove the cartridge you may need to use the printer menus.

Turn the printer on and review any messages on the printer. If it suggests that ink is out , press the button on the cartridge for 5 seconds. The printer will then enter the new cartridge mode and charge the printer with ink.

Ready to print.
There are printer test documents that can be downloaded from the internet. You should print 3 or 4 pages to ensure any air is removed . In extreme cases it may take a number of prints to draw the air fully from the system.

Save a fortune.
Your printer is now fully operational . When it next requests ink simply press the cartridge button and carry on . When the ink tank levels fall to the top of the sticker, please contact us for replacement ink. Enjoy your new CIS system.

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