New rules for returns on ebay.

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As from September it appears that ebay are making it mandatory that sellers pay the costs of returns on items supposedly mis-described or damaged.  I do not envisage this being a problem with new products but with second-hand and used items whereas the description has always an element of subjectivity attached to it.  I can see big problems ahead.  Surely this incentifies the buyer to find fault in an attempt to divert the return postage costs to the seller.  I think this is leaning too far in the wrong direction. As a buyer myself on ebay I see the need of buyer protection but surely this is creating an uneven playing field where the seller can be held to ransom by a buyer just trying to gain a foothold and use leverage to obtain partial refunds especially on high value items with high postage costs attached where the seller may find it cheaper to offer a partial refund than pay the return postage.  Also it strikes me when I see free postage offered. I would like to know where the courier service is that offer this service.  I am yet to find one.  This is all in aid of assisting ebay to attach final value fees to the cost of postage which they have just recently started doing.  There is no such thing as a free postage service. 
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