New scam targeting PSP SELLERS! Be warned!!!

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There is a new ongoing trend which aims to rip innocent eBayers selling  PSPs, Gigabeat mp3 players, LCD Screens, Projectors, DVDs, Scanners, GPS systems, mobile phones, BOSE Speakers, Digital cameras, Laptops etc. So if you have got any gadgets for christmas you want to sell on ebay, please read on.

Basically, when you list an item for sale, you get a several messages via eBay's "Ask a seller" channel. These messages are adverts for certain websites where you can get £200 Gigabeats for £80 and plenty other "wholesale" prices. They are very busy wholesalers based in China - blah blah blah.

You check the websites and you see very interesting prices. Now, these websites look different at first glance but if you look closely, you'll notice that the styles are similar, so are the fonts used and even the arrangement of letters (i.e all have the exact same navigation words, same writing style, same Capital letter at the beginning of each word and "Contact US"), same product listing formats, only different products.

Now, each of these sites is controlled by part of an organised gang of chinese women called Maggie, Sue, Amy and such other Western names. They know their "products", prices, have contracts with DHL and TNT and will even give you a big postage discount if you buy over 5 items. They offer customer support over Msn messenger and the phone. They also do not accept Paypal - Just Instant Money Transfer Services or Direct Bank Transfer.

However, thats where it all ends. Once you send your payment, the communications end, you get blocked on their Msn contacts and you obviously do not receive any products. You cannot report their domain because it is hosted (according to WHOIS Registration) by a chinese domain provider that doesn't understand a word of English...

So sellers, do not learn the hard way like I did. Do not respond to any adverts you receive via eBay after you ahve listed your items. If you are seriously tempted, google in the website address you have been given and see what comes up. I hope that with this guide, I have been able to save someone from burning their hard-earned money. If sharing my experience has helped you in any way, please vote for this article as I would appreciate it a lot!

Thanks and have a safe and scam-free New Year!!


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