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~~ am very new to Jewellery Making. I started a couple of months ago. I usually sew and was looking for something to do that could be done in a smaller area and smaller projects. I bought an earring kit first to see how difficult it was. I would recommend doing this as it is a small investment to see if it is something that you would enjoy. I was very surprised how easy and rewarding it was and soon progressed to buying a bigger kit. I bought a kit which included the tools, some of each clasp and ear hooks. It also included a book. There are plenty of these kits on eBay and I found it very useful as some of the items I did not have a clue what they were or what you would need them for. The book was very informative but not too in depth. This encouraged me to start buying beads and findings from eBay. I have purchased several packs of beads and findings from all over the world. I found the ones from overseas to be the cheapest but if it was something I wanted quicker I bought form the UK. I have tried all kinds of projects and have just sold my first one :). I have bought several kits to try things out and have found some don't come easy to me and the results were not as I would have hoped. Sometimes I have more ideas than I have talent :) . I have also found several websites to give me inspiration to design my own jewellery now.

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