New to buying a console in the new market? Quick guide.

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For a start:  I own Each of these consoles,   Playstation 3 320GB,  Xbox Elite Jasper, Nintendo Wii Black Edition.

Why PlayStation3?

The Sony playstation 3 Console has a nice design, a shiny black console with touch sensitive buttons which can even fit in with the new glossy black plasma's, now with a PS3 Slim which has a very nice design but sadly downgraded to push buttons rather than the touch sensative style..

The console was my personal favorite due to the customization options from, upgrading your own hard drive space for as cheap as you can get a hold of a laptop hard drive, the options to have TV(sold seperatly), and the option to install other Operating systems and the ability to stream from your Personal computer, but i have now gone back to the xbox due to the greater online services and options.

Overall the playstation 3 has a sleek design, best legal customization console options and nice friendly interface. and also built in wireless or Ethernet for internet connection play.

The online registration is free, and has a good store called PSN where you can buy add ons, full games, arcade games, PS1 game classics, etc.

Also now free with the PS3 is a application called HOME,  a virual world for you to join the PS community, own a house, make friends, make a club, play bowling, arcades, pool with friends: my personal opinion is that this is much overated and not really that fun after a week or so.

Rating: 7/10

Why Xbox 360?

The Microsoft Xbox360 console has a slim design and a nice look, available in black (elite) or white Premium,  the elite comes with a bigger hard drive, HDMI port and all in black, the legal customization option on the xbox are sadly highly limited. Examples: to go wireless you spend £50 on a receiver, to get more storage you need a microsoft's own xbox Hard Drive at £100 for 120gb unless you buy the ELITE which costs more than the premium but comes with this drive, altough still no wireless built in..  the console does have the media center stream ability from your PC but does require some minor setup between console and PC system.

The online requires subscription fees of monthly, or an annual fee of £40 per year, but this enables the xbox owners to have more xbox only content, early access than other consoles and much much more such as:  HD/SD Film Rentals, Full Xbox  360 game downloads direct to drive, a full music stream channel, Facebook, active MSN, Twitter and a zune application ALL for free on your console.

The xbox has a new dashboard (interface) which is good looking and you can have an 'avatar' to symbolise you and now with many props and accessories, the Gamer Score also gives the more Hardcore or accomplishment hunters a good run for their money on games to compete with compared to sony's shabby trophy system.

Overall: The xbox has everything (twitter, Facebook, Music, Films and games for the family, friends or even alone. The console is just how it needs to be and everything goes nicely for the user, the only thing it could need next time is a built in wireless receiver.

Rating: 9.7/10

Why the Nintendo Wii?

This console is fun all over for the family, equiped with a store for nintendo classics and games, a SD card reader for photo editing fun, Mii community, and the motion controllers which make the games more fun to interact with, although if your after a single player hardcore / casual game, this console isn't the buy for you, the games are more arcade style and require more interaction than skill to play.

Although nintendo did release Wii Fit, which is fun for the family, excercise and just gernal play, a very good release from nintendo to attract the fans.

Rating: 7/10

Overall everyone has there personal preference of console and games due to pre releases and prequals, but only you can decide what you like.
before buying try to play each console in store or at a friends house and through personal experience review like this,  then decide which fits you best.

Thankyou for reading my guide on Next gen consoles, i hope this helps your view on the console market . Please Rate Below :)

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