New to sewing: Which fabric should I use?

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Printed Linen blend fabric
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Printed Linen blend fabric

Types of fabric

There's so many different fabrics on the market, sometimes it feels like theres too much choice. Different fabrics have different uses, it's knowing what works best. If you are new to sewing then experiment using different fabrics, you can order fabric samples from most retailers. If you order a sample then you are most welcome to request a larger size. This is the best way to see what works for you. Decide if you are sewing something for the summer or winter, is it a garment or soft furnishings. Then you'll have a bit of an idea of direction, for example sewing a summer top, then look for lightweight fabrics, most sellers will tell you in the description if the fabric is suitable for the summer, you can also tell by looking at the actual weight of the fabric this will be some numbers followed by the letters 'gsm' which means Gram's per square metre; the weight of the fabric in grammes for a metre square.  Then decide if you want fabric that is man made (synthetic, polyester, viscose, or a blend) or natural (cotton, silk, linen). The fabric type may be important too such as the finish, or whether the fabric is transparent or solid. These few decisions will help guide you to pick the best fabric you need for your project. 

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