New type of central reset ciss /installation guide

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In this guide we give few practical advice how to install the new type of central reset and solve the most common installation problems and get the cartridges recognized by the printer
Many times we receive messages from people who first time purchasing these new type ciss systems and when they inserting the carts the printer not recognizing these carts and they receive the incompatible carts solve this problem we created this guide how to get rid of this message and get the ciss carts recognized and we also give some trouble shooting tips
First of all if you look at this ciss cartridges with the central reset button you can see these carts are smaller than the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)cartridges
These carts are need to go deep down into the printer slot to touch the printer sensor .When you inserting these carts press them firmly down fully into the cartridge slot until they click on the printer sensor
If you dont hear the click voice the carts are not intact and not fully pressed into the sensor and you will receive the incompatible message

Here is few tips
1.The reasons of the CISS ink cartridge is non-recognized by printer and the solutions
A: The ciss cartridges are not press into the cartridges slot (the microchips on  the cartridges are not intact with the printer sensor)
Solution 1: remove the ciss cartridge ,reinstall and press them firmly then press the "Selftest" button.
Solution 2: Press the Ciss cartridges one by one firmly to the right bottom position and press the "Selftest" Button

B The Ciss Cartridges are static ,they are dirty or there is a rust on them and it cause the incompatibility problem
Soution1: Please use a piece of rubber and clean the surface of the ciss cartridges until the dirt,dust,rust removed and the surface of the chips are shiny and press the "Selftest" Button

C The Ciss Cartridges are Faulty or outdated (Old version of microchips)
Solution: Contact your ciss supplier,confirm your printer model and ask which is the latest version of chips for yoru printer (there is version of the chips written on the surface on  the microchips)
In case you need to change the chips please ask your vendor to supply a replacement microchip change the microchip and press the "Selftest" Button

D There is contact problem or curved pins or broken pins in your printer or dirt or dust in the cartridges slot
Solution: it can mostly repair by professionals by taking the printer to repair,you can check the printer sensors by removing the cartridges and look into the cartridge slot and check the printer sensors by looking into the empty cartridge slot (using torchlight recommended)and clean it with a clean cloth

E Ciss ink cartridge issue (the ciss cartridges are in wrong sequence) or wrong ink cartridges in your printer
Solution: Please check the Ciss cartridge color are matching your printer colors (for example the black cartridge sits in the black cartridge slot etc)
in case the sequence not matching the printer sequence contact your vendor for professional advice how to change the sequence then press the "Selftest" button

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