New vs. Used Sedan Buying Guide

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New vs. Used Sedan Buying Guide

Making the decision to buy a new or used vehicle can be difficult. In the end, the decision about whether to buy a new car or a used car depends largely on the circumstances surrounding the purchase. Factors such as budget and selection available in the area are all factors that play a part in a decision about which vehicle to purchase.

There are a lot of other factors that go into purchasing a vehicle. These days, it is not enough to just choose a paint colour and an interior colour and buy the car. The make, model, features, engine size, transmission type, fuel type, and a host of other factors must be decided upon before making a final purchasing decision. Before starting the process of trying to decide on a vehicle, it is helpful to make a list of important factors that are important to the particular sedan buyer so he or she knows which decisions factor most into the purchase of the car. Many different makes and models of sedans are available for purchase on eBay.

Initial Cost

The initial cost of purchasing a vehicle is one of the biggest factors that a consumer has to consider when buying a new or used sedan. Generally, a used sedan is going to cost less than a new sedan. Both new and used cars can be good options for a buyer, depending on what they are looking for in the vehicle and how much they are willing to spend.

Besides the common wear and tear typically found on a used car, the reduction in price for used cars is partially because new cars lose value as soon as they are driven off the car park. One estimate is that a new sedan can lose about 20 per cent of its value in the first year of use. The factor of depreciation makes it logical for many people to invest in a used car. However, if a buyer has the money available and prefers to be the original owner of a car, a new sedan is a viable choice.

Car Insurance

The cost of automotive insurance is generally reasonable when purchasing a sedan, which is typically based off of the age and make of the vehicle. A person should take into consideration that a sportier model could cause the insurance to become more expensive than just a regular sedan model.

Another consideration to make regarding car insurance is whether or not liability is enough coverage on the car. Most people who opt to buy a new sedan choose to insure the sedan itself for damages, which is often more costly than a basic liability policy. If a used sedan is purchased, the cost of insurance may be partially dependent upon whether or not the vehicle has any accidents on record. Because of this, it is a good idea to check the history of any vehicle and get an insurance coverage quote prior to purchasing a sedan.

Repair Costs

The repair cost on used sedans can be higher than new sedans, which is due in part to the normal wear and tear of the vehicle over time. The best way to prevent having to spend a lot of money on repairs right away when buying a used vehicle is to check out the major components of the vehicle before making a purchase. Ticks in the motor, a sluggish transmission, rapid overheating, and water in the oil are some of the things to check for before making the purchase. Getting maintenance records and a vehicle history are also good ideas. There are some instances where a new car's repair costs are comparable to a used car. One of these is if the parts and labour for a model are very high.

Maintenance Costs

The cost of maintaining sedans is usually around the same for new and used sedans. The notable exception to this is when there is amiss with a used vehicle. For example, a used vehicle may use more fuel because of the normal wear and tear; however, a new vehicle may have lower fuel economy because of a stronger engine. The recommendation for almost all vehicles, whether they are new or old, is to change the oil about every 5,000 kilometres. That is a maintenance expense that remains constant and dependent only upon the owner's driving habits.

Other maintenance costs might be a little higher upon initial receipt of a used sedan, as many buyers opt to perform a tune up on the engine as soon as they take possession of the sedan. Changing the transmission fluid, windshield wipers, tyres, differential fluid, and other basic maintenance are generally necessary for used sedans.

Available Options

Available options are one area where there is a significant difference between new and used sedans. The newer the vehicle, the newer technology is included in it. A new sedan likely has more up-to-date electronics options than a used sedan, including USB ports to plug in an iPhone or iPod. There are some options, such as an in-dash GPS, that are not going to be available as a factory accessory in older sedans. Some used vehicles may have these accessories installed, but as aftermarket parts instead of factory parts. This can increase the resell value of the vehicle, which is always a benefit.

Unfortunately, a buyer cannot custom order a used sedan. However, a person purchasing a new sedan can often pick and choose what accessories are going to be included in the vehicle to their liking. People choosing a used sedan should check out accessories that are not included in a potential vehicle to determine if those desired can be purchased and installed.


The availability of vehicles in the buyer's area can impact the choice between a new sedan and a used sedan. It is possible to have a new vehicle delivered without too much of an issue, while it may be a bit more difficult to have a used car delivered. A buyer should check out the vehicles available from sellers close to their area to find out what is readily available. If time is not a factor, it may be possible to wait on a seller to offer a favourite vehicle before buying a sedan. If a new sedan is preferred, contacting a new car seller with the request may be successful.

How to Buy a New or Used Sedan on eBay

eBay is a great place to search for a new or used sedan, and allows you to browse through all new and used vehicles in order for you to see what is available. A great way to find what you are looking for is to perform a keyword search, which can be done through the search bar at the top of any eBay page. Simply type in the keywords of your choosing and eBay produces search results for you to browse through. If you want to see a large selection of new cars, type in "new sedans" into the search bar to view a number of different cars for sale.

If you need to sort the results, you can do so by whether the vehicles are new or used. You can also narrow down the selection based on the year, make, and model you want to view. There are several other options you can use to refine your search, including transmission type, engine size, number of doors, and colours.

Once you find a suitable vehicle on eBay, you can contact the seller to ask specific questions. If the sedan is used, find out about the mileage on the vehicle to make sure that it fits in with your expectations. You may also want to ask about maintenance records, the condition of the interior, and whether the sedan was in any accidents or mishaps. You can also use eBay to help you figure out how much parts are for specific vehicles. You can go through the listings in eBay Motors for common replacement parts like brake pads or more costly replacement parts like engines or transmissions.


Once the decision to purchase a vehicle is made, it is necessary to decide on which type of sedan is best for you. If the consumer is looking to buy a sedan close to where he or she lives, the selection can be narrowed down by finding one near home. The selection available in the area narrows down the choices a bit, as it is usually necessary to test drive a vehicle before purchasing it and going too far would be less than ideal. From there, the make and model of sedan is going to be based largely around on how much money is available for the purchase of the car. This leads to choices about the transmission type, fuel type, options, accessories, and colour options.

Regardless of whether a new or used sedan is chosen, it is necessary to factor in a variety of costs into the budget. Money for petrol, regular maintenance, automotive insurance, and unexpected repairs must all be planned for. A person must make sure that the available budget can handle all these associated costs of a vehicle, no matter what type of vehicle is chosen. Once these important decisions are made, a person can select the right new or used sedan for them.

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