Newbie Guides For Making Money Online Part Three

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Hi there,

my name is Richard, Ebay Powerseller  djrichardfenn .

I've been selling ebooks on Ebay and my own websites for
about 12 months now and I've put together this short 10 part guide
for newbies to decide whether selling online is for them.

Here is the third part of my 10 part newbies guide to
online profits.


Identify your target market

The inside secret is to search in search engines (such as
Google and Overture) with keywords related to your product
or service to find out if many websites, newsletters and
community groups focus on this interest.

Get a domain name

I have already explained to you what a domain name is. You
also know that your website address can ALSO be your
Internet Business name.

You will want to take out another new piece of paper again
to write down ALL the keywords related to your Internet
Business. You see, you want your domain name to:

•    be short and easy to remember (and catchy, too!),

•    be relevant to the product or service you’re selling,

•    include keywords of your product or service to improve
search engine rankings.

For example, if you want to sell a product teaching people
how to break-dance, then you will want to start writing
down all the keywords related to break-dance.

For starters, write 100 keywords. What next, you ask? Write
some more! Write 200 or 300 if you have to. The more
keywords, the better. That is because this is a one-off
activity. And remember that you will be using this domain
name for a very long time, if not forever. Now, don’t even
get lazy.

Okay, I’ll offer you some food for thought.

Are you parent to any child? If you are not, then imagine
you are one right now. You and your spouse have a child for
the first time. You and your spouse would want to give the
best name to your child, right? Of course you both would!
You and your spouse would brainstorm on giving your child
the best name. “How about John?” “Aw, John is too common a
name!” “Then how about …?” “I think the name…” and finally,
your child has a name to be addressed by.

When brainstorming on your child’s name, you and your
spouse consciously or unconsciously know that giving your
child the best and meaningful name is VERY important
because your child will be living with that name from
cradle to the grave.

So, on the same token, why would you not think the same
when brainstorming on a good domain name? This is your
Internet Business. You need to nurture and grow it during
its infancy stages before it rewards you. Are you not going
to give it your best attention, too?

I hope that woke you up. Now, back to the keyword activity…

With the help of the list of keywords you have written
down, you will find it easy to get a domain name that
fulfills the 3 guidelines stated above.

In the same example, you would probably come up with a
domain name like

Next, check whether the domain name has been registered or
not. If the domain name has been registered by someone
else, you will have to use another domain name. So, maybe
you’ll think of using for a domain

When brainstorming on a good domain name, be sure to come
up with at least a few names in case the domain name you
wish to use is already taken. Remember me telling you that
there can never be two houses bearing the same address?

Another thing you have to consider is the various kinds of
domain names on the Internet. So you will have to choose

Below are some of the common ones:

•    .com    - stands for commercial / community. The most
overused domain entity on the Internet. Recommended for
your Internet Business.

•    .net    - stands for network.

•    .org    - stands for organization. A lot of online
communities use this domain entity.

•    .gov    - stands for government. All government web sites
use this domain entity.

•    .biz    - stands for business. Recommended for your Internet

The next thing to do is find a web host. Any business needs
a place to call home. If you run a conventional business,
you have to rent space in an office or shopping complex. In
the case of setting up an Internet Business, you need to
set up a virtual space. You do so by creating a website and
finding a host for your site. A web host company that makes
your site available 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) by
maintaining it on a Web server.

When sourcing for a good web host, you want to make sure
that your host has a fast connection to the Internet and
can handle large numbers of simultaneous visits (also known
as hits) that your website is sure to get eventually. You
also want to make sure that your web host offers a variety
of related services, including some or all of the

•    E-mail addresses. You’re like to be able to get several
e-mail addresses for your own. Many web hosts also give you
special e-mail addresses called autoresponders (discussed
earlier in Chapter 2).

•    Domain name. You and I have just covered this subject

•    Web page software. Some web hosting services include web
page authoring / editing software.

•    Multimedia / CGI scripts. Some web hosting services have
the ability to serve complex and memory-intensive content
such as RealAudio sound files or RealVideo video clips.
They also let you process web page forms that you include
on your site by executing computer programs called CGI

•    Shopping Cart software. Most organizations prove you with
Web page forms that you can fill out to create sale items
and offer them in an online shopping cart.

•    Site statistics. Site statistics give you an idea of how
many visitors you have received.

•    Shopping and electronic commerce features and more.

To learn more you could buy the
complete guide which is listed in my  Ebay Shop.

Warm regards,
Richard - Ebay Powerseller  djrichardfenn

My Ebay Ebook Store

p.s. look out for Part Four coming soon!
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