Newbie Guides For Making Money Online Part Two

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Hi there,

my name is Richard, Ebay Powerseller  djrichardfenn .

I've been selling ebooks on Ebay and my own websites for
about 12 months now and I've put together this short 10 part guide
for newbies to decide whether selling online is for them.


What if you don’t have any products to sell?

I would like to take this chance to get a HUGE MYTH out of
the way. If you think you NEED to have a product to sell to
make money – then you’re dead wrong, really.

You’ll be glad that you’re wrong after I tell you this. You
still CAN make money without having to create your own
product. And there are several instances you DON’T NEED to
HAVE a product to sell at all in order to make money!


Quite simply, you can either be a referral to earn a
commission or sell advertising spaces on your website or
newsletter. That, my friend, is just a speck of a dust.
There are still many other ways you can make money on the
Internet WITHOUT having to have your own product to sell.

Furthermore, you can either:

•    Buy Resell Rights to someone else’s product and start
selling it on the internet. All you would need to do is buy
resell rights to an info product, upload it to the internet
and drive traffic to it via Google Adwords…and there’s your
1 hour online business. You could also…

•    Sign up as an affiliate and promote someone else’s
product (this is even easier than the first business). All
you’d need to do is sign up to an affiliate program and
drive traffic to your affiliate link…Again, you can use
Google Adwords to drive traffic to the link.

This is good news to those who are already sweating over
the thought that of needing to create or have their own
product to sell to make money!

Picking an online business model

Already decided what you have in store for your customers?


The next thing to do on the list is to choose the right
Internet Business Model. Now this is crucial to your
Internet Business success. The Internet Business Model has
to be right for the type of product or service you’re
offering to your customers. When choosing the right
Internet Business Model, you will want to take the
following factors into consideration:

•    Profit Margin – the higher the profit margin, the better.

•    Delivery – can be easily delivered to your customers via
a system.

•    Shipping Cost – as low as possible or even none.

•    Marketing – different Internet Business Models have
different marketing strategies. Choose the model that has
the best marketing strategy for your product or services.

I'll give you some examples of Internet Business Models
later in these guides. To learn more you could buy my
complete guide which is listed in my  Ebay Shop .

Warm regards,
Richard - Ebay Powerseller  djrichardfenn

My Ebay Ebook Store

p.s. look out for Part Three coming soon!
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