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As the title suggest this is for thos of you who are new to Ebay.  It is exciting having that big zero up there an waiting to get going perhaps making a saving on the high street price of the new Xbox design.  Traversing this virtual world called Ebay is made treacherous by the few that trade on your enthusiasm.  Ebay is one of the leading online markets but can you find that bargain and cut down on the chances of being one of the losers caught out by the rogue traders.  In my guide I will try to disperse some of the cloud that make the way gloomy.


Look closely

  • Now when I say look closely I mean pay attention to the wording of the listing, if there seem to be to much vaguety thsi could be a sign of dishonesty
  • View the pictures until your satisfied with the quality of the item
  • If your still not satisfied with the photo's available try asking the seller to send some to you email if it is possible


  • Often you will find discrepancies with the weight of a package this could be the seller over charging; Ebay does not take a percentage off postage compensation so this is an extra way to make a prophet
  • Sometimes this could also be that seller is not sure of the price off postage or even that it was a default setting on the listing that the seller forgot to change; ask the seller via the relevant link
  • Check the Royal Mail website to get an idea of postage cost


  • Does the seller display a manner that you find welcoming, think of Ebay as a shop the only difference being that you can not walk into it, you would not accept a bad mannered shop assistant, same goes for Ebay.
  • You should be made to feel like your valued whether your sure that you wish to purchase or whether you're not so sure.
  • Sometimes exceptions can be made, I say this because the service given should be personal to you; your not a generic person so do ask if an exception can be made where possible.


I hope that this guide may have been of some help to you in traversing the some of pot holes on Ebays road of shopping wonder.  Ebay is the most unique online market where you can find very low prices and individually unique products.  Remember to use every facility available to you when making a potential purchase.  Above all I think the best tip is to ask the seller "where is this miraculous link" you ask, well it can be found in the Seller Info via the Contact Seller link. 

Ebay should be the experience you want it to be so accept only the best because if you wanted to gamble you would be in the betting shop.


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