NewerTech miniStack Classic Vs. NewerTech miniStack MAX

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Hard drives can be a perplexing purchase decision, when you factor in the many features to compare. The miniStack Classic and miniStack MAX are good choices for IT professionals and telecommuters alike. The miniStack Classic shines with its generous storage capacity, whereas the miniStack MAX impresses as well.
Features Newer Technology miniStack Classic Newer Technology miniStack MAX
Hard Drive Type HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Portable
Buffer Size 64 MB 32 MB
Spindle Speed 7200 RPM 7200 RPM
Hard Drive Enclosure External External

Newer Technology miniStack Classic

The miniStack Classic boasts a 500 GB to 4.1 TB storage capacity, allowing you to hold onto all of your favourite films and song titles. What's more, its 7200 RPM rotation speed helps you gain fast access to large multimedia files. You can search files very quickly thanks to its 64 MB buffer size.

Newer Technology miniStack MAX

The miniStack MAX has a 500 GB to 4 TB storage capacity, so you can save your whole family's important utilities and financial data. Beyond that, its 7200 RPM rotation speed helps you load games in no time flat. You can enjoy rapid file searches thanks to the miniStack MAX's 32 MB buffer size.

Comparing the Newer Technology miniStack Classic Vs Newer Technology miniStack MAX

The miniStack Classic leads by example. The miniStack Classic features a larger available storage capacity, allowing you to save more videos, songs, and games. In addition, you can search files in far less time thanks to its 100% larger buffer size. On the other hand, the miniStack MAX stacks up favourably with a fast rotation speed.

Buying On eBay

eBay is the place to research Newer Technology hard drives since you can browse multiple candidate listings or look for specific features using a keyword search. Rest assured in your final decision by looking for top-rated eBay sellers who have found to be great at shipping products promptly, satisfying their customers, and answering questions. With free shipping, there's no reason to wait.
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