Nigerian buyers (do not sell to them)

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hi, i hop this helps people before it it to late.

i recently sold 2 items on ebay and was delighted when they sold for more than what i had expected. suddenly i received a warning email from ebay saying they had withdrawn my items due to a fraudulent buyer using someone else's account. this annoyed me slightly as i wanted my items sold.

i then received another email from ebay (hoaxes) saying that the message was sent as a technical error and that i could continue with the transaction. i emailed final invoices to the buyers and was sent details of where the items should be sent. this all seemed normal. until i received another message saying that they had payed for there items via paypal and that once i sent the tracking number they would release that funds. this seemed odd to me because i use paypal allot and fund are always available straightaway.

i then received emails from paypal (hoax) saying that they have a new procedure and that funds would be released one they receive a tracking number. i contacted the buyer saying i would not ship items without payment due to the high costs £148.00 & £79.00 the buyers then kept sending me more emails from paypal & ebay saying that they were not going to release the funds and if shipment wasn't made within 48hrs i would be suspended.

i contacted ebay & palpal who informed me that although the emails looked unbelievably realistic they were fake! and that paypal doesn't operate in Nigeria! i was told to change all of my passwords

please don't be taken in buy these people, ebay should be a safe place to trade but again people take advantage of it and its members.

thank you all!

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