Nigerian scammers. Do not fall for it

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Hi i have decided to write this guide to help a few people out and to stop these scammers taking advantage of genuine good ebayers.

I work at a city centre Post office, and today i had a guy come in with a large parcel to send to  Nigeria. It was gift wrapped in Christmas paper so didn't think much of it. He was sending a dvd player and the value was 100 G.B.P and he was happy to pay over 65 pounds to mail it over to Nigeria. Firstly this is odd because surely you can buy a dvd player for less than this postal price but thought he maybe had a friend working out there.

Then it clicked, i asked him if he knew the person he was sending to. No

Then i asked him if this was something he had sold. On Ebay. Yes

Then i asked if he had received a letter from Paypal letting him know he would receive the bidders money once the tracking number from the parcel had been emailed to buyer. Yes

I told him i was 99.9% sure this was part of the great nigerian scams that go on every day and to email the (spoof) email to ebay/paypal.  He was very grateful and a little embarassed, and i had saved him 165 pounds. This is just one of the many i have recently sent home with their expensive goods, usually brand new mobile phones.

I am sure by now most of Nigeria are sitting at home playing on their expensive game consoles, watching dvd's and talking on their top of the range phones, all courtesey of ebayer who fall for the scam. For all of the ones stopped think how many go through, especially as most post office workers are slightly older than the average ebayer and would have no idea about it to warn customers.

What ever story you are sold do not send to this country, even if it is genuine, i wouldn't bother as it will cost alot to post and chances are it will be stolen from the mail system in that country.  From working at the post office i would be reluctant to send to any african country or poland as once they leave the uk it can be a case of fastest fingers first.



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