Night Cream Buying Guide

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Night Cream Buying Guide

Night creams are so common they have been a staple of television comedies for decades. Everyone has seen the image of a woman woken in the middle of the night wearing a mask of skin cream; something that is so well-known it has become a stereotype. Still, there is a reason as to why this image has reached that level of notoriety: night creams work. People have been using creams and other skin care products for thousands of years and the available variety is simply staggering. There are skin creams for everything from simply adding moisture, to dealing with acne, and even reducing the effects of ageing. There are also night creams for all the different skin types, to ensure that every person can obtain the night cream that best fits their personal needs. The keys to remember are that every individual's needs are unique and every night cream has its own distinctive formulation so no one product can best meet everyone's needs.

History of Night Creams

The history of night creams is inextricably intermingled with that of other skin care, going back thousands of years. The Egyptians, Greeks, even the Chinese used night creams. In fact, one Chinese empress relied on them to keep her power, as she believed that her position was intimately connected to her youthful appearance. The Egyptian Pharaoh Hatshepsut also used skin creams, some of which may have been carcinogenic. It just goes to prove how important skin care was even that far back. It did lose headway after the fall of Rome, but with the rebirth of cleanliness that came with the Renaissance, skin care and night creams returned to common use. Now skin care is one of the largest industries on the planet.

Difference Between Day and Night Creams

There are many different kinds of facial creams, but one of the more important distinctions is that between day and night creams. Day creams are usually thinner and lighter in texture, as they have to be invisible if they are to be worn out in public during the day. They also tend to contain some form of sun block to provide continuing protection. Another factor to consider about daytime creams is that they tend to provide less of the active ingredient in the formulation and do not release it as evenly. They do provide benefits, the importance of protection from the sun cannot be overstated, but they cannot fully substitute for night creams.

Benefits of Night Creams

Night cream takes advantage of the fact that most skin renewal happens at night, so the cream is able to do its work at the time when the active ingredients can be most effective. Another advantage is that night creams do not have to be invisible, so they can be applied more generously in order to ensure a more consistent delivery of the active ingredient over a longer period of time. This steady delivery of the active ingredient, or ingredients, over the period when the skin is best able to make use of it is what makes a night cream such an important part of any skin care collection.

Who Can Benefit from Night Creams?

Some may be of the opinion that the only people who can truly benefit from night creams are those who already have some form of skin damage whether due to exposure or ageing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anyone can benefit from the use of night creams, regardless of their age or existing skin condition. Yes, night creams can help treat skin conditions, but even those who do not have a pre-existing skin condition should consider using a night cream. The key is that regular use of the right night cream helps maintain the skin in the best possible condition. This makes it more resistant to possible damage from the environment, and allows it to bounce back more quickly.

Different Kinds of Night Creams

There are several different kinds of night creams, each of which has its own unique formulation. Some are basic moisturisers for use on essentially healthy skin, while others may be used to treat ageing or skin conditions such as acne. Some may even serve multiple uses, depending on the formulation and the active ingredients. This is why it is important not only to consider the type of night cream a particular person needs, but also the active ingredients in that cream.

Anti-Ageing Night Creams

One of the most common types of night cream is the anti-ageing night cream. This kind of cream is formulated to ameliorate the effects that ageing can have on the user's skin. There are several different varieties of anti-ageing night creams, each of which approaches the problem of ageing skin differently. Some formulations work to rejuvenate skin through exfoliation, speeding up the skin cell replacement process. Other formulations aim to either return elasticity to the skin or to plump it up to conceal wrinkles and restore the appearance of youth to the skin.

Anti-Acne Night Creams

There are a number of night creams that are formulated to prevent or reduce acne. They help keep the skin clean and also allow for a proper balance of skin oils so as to reduce the opportunity for acne breakouts to occur. The big benefit of an anti-acne night cream regimen is that by reducing the chance of an acne breakout it also allows the user to avoid the need to use heavy makeup to conceal it during the day, which is also good for the skin.

Moisturising Night Creams

Most night creams also help the user manage skin hydration levels. This is not only important to maintain a youthful appearance, but also helps ensure maximum skin health. One of the most important things to consider when looking for a moisturising night cream is the nature of the intended user's skin. Using the wrong formulation can actually increase the chance of acne or other skin issues as it can lead to either too dry or too oily skin. Choosing the right formulation for a given skin type ensures the right balance and helps maintain a clear and healthy complexion.

Multi-Purpose Night Creams

Not all night creams serve only a single purpose, although many do primarily focus on only one function, be that moisturising, acne prevention, or limiting the effects of ageing. Some formulations contain a blend of active ingredients that can not only moisturise but also rejuvenate and help prevent acne breakouts. As with moisturising night creams, the key is to find the formula that best matches the user's skin balance and go from there.

Picking the Right Night Cream

The key to picking the right night cream starts at the intended user's skin. Every skin type reacts differently to the various formulations and active ingredients. This is why no one night cream is appropriate for every user, as the cream that clears up oily skin may actually damage dry skin. Once that has been settled, it becomes a simple process as can be seen in the following table.



Step One

Identify Skin Type

Step Two

Identify Need

Step Three

Set Budget

Step Four

Research Night Creams

It all comes back to knowledge: knowledge of the user's skin type, his or her needs, and knowledge of the night creams that are currently available. A wise consumer should look at all the available information before making a decision.

Buying Night Creams on eBay

One excellent place to buy night creams is eBay. The site offers a wide variety of products to suit every need and budget. All you have to do is put the kind of night cream you need in the search box, there is one on every page, and watch as the results appear. Once you have a screen full of results you can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow them down to just the night creams that meet your requirements. You can filter by everything from price, to brand, to seller location. Then, after you have eliminated the night creams that do not fit your needs, you can use the sort functionality to ensure that the best options are at the top of your screen.

Once you know which ones you want, the next step is to find the seller that most closely fits your needs and the best way to do that is by visiting their profile page. There you can see everything from their feedback score to their location and any special policies they may have. Some sellers may even allow purchasers to bundle several different night creams together, or perhaps avoid shipping charges by picking their purchases up in person.


Buying the right night cream need not be difficult as long as the buyer takes the time to identify his or her needs before making a purchase. The first thing to consider is the user's skin type, as different types of skin require different night cream formulations. The perfect cream for someone with dry skin does not produce the same results when applied to the face of a person with oily skin. In fact it may do more damage than good, which is why paying attention to skin types is so important. The next thing to consider are users' overall needs. Are they looking for something to return moisture balance, do they want an anti-ageing night cream, or even something to deal with an acne breakout. There are products available to meet all these needs and even some that meet more than one. It may look complicated at first, but buying the right night cream really is just a matter of matching the product with needs, and all that requires is a little knowledge.

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