Nintendo 64 - the ultimate multiplayer games machine

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The N64 is a great console and can be picked up very cheap these days.

Nintendo make great games and the N64 has loads of them.

The fact that the N64 is a cartridge based console means there are no loading times.

The official controller is probably the best ever designed and I cant think of any other console pads that have a joystick, dpad, 6 buttons and a trigger on them.Its also very comfy to play too.

But the best thing about the N64 for me is the multi player games. The N64 has 4 controller sockets so theres no need for a multi tap. There are some really amazing games for the N64 and most go for reasonable prices on ebay.

Here are some recommended N64 games:

Goldeneye (and Perfect Dark)

Mario Kart 64

Mario Golf

Mario Tennis

F- Zero X

Diddy Kong Racing

any of the Mario Party games

Bomberman 64

The N64  also has some great single player games to look out for:

Super Mario 64

Zelda Ocarina of Time

Pilotwings 64

And if you don't mind paying over £20 for a retro game - go for: Conkers Bad Fur Day - one of the funniest games you will ever play and the multi player is also very very good.

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