Nintendo DS Shell Replacement

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If your Nintendo DS Hinge has broken or it has just become a bit tacky from general use you might think of replacing the shell. These can be purchased quite cheaply on ebay and will take you approx an hour to change. But beware the common place people go wrong. Be very carefull with the Ribbon cable that goes from top to bottom and take special note of how it turns back on itself before slotting in to the main board (take photos along the way to remind you how it goes back in). I have bought and repaired quite a few DS's where this has been attempted and either the cable has been crushed or it has been inserted the wrong way. Also if your hinge is broken and is now in two pieces you are going to need a new ribbon cable and a new wireless cable. In all its quite simple to do if you have instructions (do a google search)and the correct tools and you follow them to the letter. But if you do get to the stage where you have completely ruined it dont say i never told you so :-) 

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