Nintendo Gameboy Buying Guide - SP, DS, Advance, Micro

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This is just a short guide about the different types of Gameboys currently on the market.

Nintendo have gone a bit wild with the Gameboy Advance series, and to date have produced four different types.

Gameboy Advance - you can play GB and GBA games on this, the first GBA model, and is available relatively cheaply now. The biggest disadvantage to this console, is its colour screen - isn't backlit.

Gameboy Advance SP - same features as the GBA, except it is now in a 'flip' design (similar to laptop/phone). It also features a backlight - believe me, this is worth having. Now available quite cheaply, new and used.

Gameboy Advance Micro - The newest edition to the GBA family, and the smallest. Similar in size to a mobile phone, with a screen backlight. Unless you are under 10 years of age, this will get very annoying, the screen is tiny. Cheapest to buy new, ideal Christmas or birthday present - around £60-70. Can only play GBA games.

Gameboy DS - this has the ability to play GBA and DS games. The DS games, are excellent, compared to the GBA games. The dual screen, isn't just a novelty, it is actually useful.

Price guide (console only)
GB Advance - £40
GB Advance SP - £60
GBA Micro - £65
GB DS - £90

All the consoles are available in a wide range of colours, games are cheap on eBay, and accessories are also cheap and readily available.

If you can, go for the DS, it is worth it. It is around half the price of the Sony PSP, and with its Wi-Fi capability, is excellent value - if you find the right games for you, you'll enjoy hours of fun.

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