Nintendo Wii Component Connection & set up

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Details Advice and Guide for connecting an Official Nintendo Wii Component HD TV Lead

There are Many Cheap Unofficial Leads on eBay,

Also Many People say they don't like the Wii because it looks no good on their Nice TV

Please read all of this guide before you buy a Wii component Lead !!!!!

The Component lead can be used for your Plasma , LED or LCD, HD TV if there isn't enough Scart sockets available or you would just prefer a better Picture from your Wii Console

Look on the back of your TV, it just connects to the Red Green and Blue Sockets, and you can keep it connected,

(No Longer any messing around unplugging Scart Leads between Games Consoles, DVD's etc.)

You must first disconnect the Scart form the Wii and Connect it via the Component Lead rather than the Scart Lead it came with, you will immediately see a better picture, then you must go to the picture output settings within the Wii console Menu, and set it to output to be via HD (or the Wii calls it EDTV) After you have done that you will see a massive improvement !!! and a much more Amazing Picture Worthy of your Expensive TV.

Make sure you check that your HD Plasma , LED or LCD has the RED, GREEN and BLUE Sockets available on the back for this type of lead to work , some LED Tv's are supplied with a small adaptor for this type of connection.

The White and Red Lead next to the other three coloured Leads do the sound output, so you should see a Red and White input next to the coloured sockets on the back of your TV

Some people have listed these wires on eBay as doing a Dolby Digital 5.1 signal, this is not true it's IMPOSSIBLE, the component wire uses the stereo Red and White lead to create a Dolby ProLogic 2 Environment from your home cinema /amplifier, Dolby Prologic 2 uses a stereo two channel signal to create 5 channels for your 5.1 amplifier/home cinema, but this signal is analogue NOT Digital.

If you need to have sound from your TV as well as your amp or home cinema, you must make sure your amp/home cinema has the red and white input and you can get two female to male phono splitters and one male to male phono wire to connect the Wii to both at the same time, so you don't have to keep your amplifier/home cinema on all the time

Make sure that you don't mix up the two Red leads !!!! otherwise the Picture will be horrific and you'll realise you've got them mixed up

(I'm pretty certain that 99% of Flat TVs that Ive seen over the last few years have the sockets for this lead)

by the way I wrote this guide myself, it is not copied from the Internet, I hope that you find it informative and useful

I hope to write more guides on how to connect this sort of equipment

any questions let me know via eBay messaging  

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